The media I produce is non-traditional.


My mission is to dismantle deeply entrenched, highly negative aspects of art and entertainment -


focusing too much on views,


ignoring or attacking those wanting to broaden and deepen the discussion,


and working too closely within expectations, conventions and trends.


Doing these things contributes nothing new - you're just adding yourself to an algorithm, and will simply disappear.


My goal is to bring truly human,






open-minded and eclectic voices to art and entertainment,


Who directly counteract and help dissolve the misguided notion that the spheres of art,


religion, pop culture, politics, philosophy, psychology and more should be closed off from each other.

In other words,


I want to bring out and highlight the full,


multifaceted truth of a subject, rather than playing it safe and staying narrow.

I believe the best form of marketing is,

and always will be,

word-of-mouth in response to universally recognisable quality and truth.

Marketing has its limits, and both arrogance and ignorance have expiry dates -

whereas the truth is always there,


with all the time in the world.

All of the projects I produce are fuelled by quality, truth, and passion.


My platforms exist exclusively to signal-boost inclusive,




culturally interested,




and well-spoken voices in all forms of media.

In short, I want to hold art and entertainment to a higher standard for itself,

And fully embrace the important and influential role it has held for our species since our cave painting days,

existing long before spoken or written language, before schools or teachers:

As humanity's primary go-to source for finding meaning, joy and wonder in life,


for learning where we belong,


and for informing who we are -


as individuals, as people, and as one, unified race.




Albert Cedric William Chessa (Nov 1, 1988) is an Australian media producer. 


He graduated from the Australian National University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Digital Media. 


Since starting his podcast in 2015 he has produced and hosted over 200 episodes, 


speaking with several high profile guests including Tommie Earl Jenkins (Death Stranding), 


Daniel Roebuck (Star Wars) and Randall Lobb (The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance). 


Entering the new decade,


Albert has committed himself to expanding and enriching his podcast and video content, 


laying the foundations for collaborations with fellow creatives in crafting interactive,


film, publishing and music content in the future.

In his rare spare time away from his role as a producer he makes art,


designs clothes, accessories and homeware, and writes stories - Art | Store | Quantumyth.


He lives in Canberra with his fiancée, transformational and leadership mentor Ray Mardia.