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The Quantumyth:
The Change





In the sprawling city of Calyx-9, a place where towering skyscrapers and technologically advanced infrastructure shimmered in neon hues, the DUKE unit stood as guardians.


These elite warriors, encased in giant mech-suits, represented the pinnacle of human engineering and martial prowess. For years, they had ensured the peace and prosperity of the city alongside its alien inhabitants, the Phyllox.

The Phyllox were gentle, herbivorous beings, resembling Earth's deer but with glistening opalescent scales instead of fur. Their large, expressive eyes and graceful movements had always embodied peace and trust. Humans and Phyllox had coexisted harmoniously, with the latter mainly inhabiting the city's sprawling botanical gardens, where they nourished themselves on the rich flora.

Then came the 'change'.

It started subtly. Gardeners began reporting half-eaten plants, torn apart with a violence that was uncharacteristic of the Phyllox. Surveillance footage revealed shocking truths: Phyllox were hunting in packs, their once serene eyes now filled with a predatory glint. They had developed sharp teeth and their gentle nibbling was replaced by ravenous bites. The serene herbivores had turned carnivorous.

Panic gripped Calyx-9. Incidents of Phyllox attacking humans and other animals grew in number. The Mech Knights were deployed to contain this unprecedented threat. Yet, even as they battled these changed beings, the Knights grappled with an internal conflict. These were the same Phyllox they had lived alongside peacefully. How had such a dramatic transformation occurred?

Commander Aria, leader of the Mech Knights, initiated a two-fold strategy. While her frontline warriors defended the city, she commissioned a team of biologists and engineers to investigate the cause of the Phyllox's transformation.

Dr. Lenn, a renowned xenobiologist, made a startling discovery. A previously dormant virus within the Phyllox had become active. This virus rewired their brain's dietary preferences and increased their metabolic needs, pushing them towards carnivory.

With this knowledge in hand, a solution emerged. Instead of slaughtering the changed Phyllox, the Mech Knights would capture and quarantine them. Dr. Lenn and his team worked tirelessly to develop a cure, a counter-agent to the virus.

After weeks of relentless work, with Calyx-9 on the brink of chaos, a breakthrough was achieved. A synthesized compound was introduced into the city's water supply, targeting the virus's genetic structure and neutralizing its effects. Slowly but surely, the Phyllox began reverting to their peaceful, herbivorous state.

The Mech Knights, once warriors of destruction, became guardians of restoration. They released the cured Phyllox back into their habitats and helped rebuild the city.

Calyx-9 learned a vital lesson. Coexistence isn't just about peace in the present but also understanding and adapting to the changes that the future might bring. As the sun set on a restored city, humans and Phyllox once again walked side by side, their bond stronger and more resilient than ever.

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