Merch, Apparel, Accessories and Homeware


The name I create designs under is Miscellabra.


Unlike my Art and Story personas Resonant and Quantumyth,


My Design aspect doesn't need to observe canonicity or consistency of any kind,

freeing up to make designs of any kind, in any style. 


The primary inspiration for Miscellabra is Mega64,

who are known to have among the most eclectic design sensibilities in their field.

The first ever officially released Miscellabra product, the Onwards Forth shirt, 

uses Chessa's most frequently used valediction.




mixture of the word Miscellaneous (meaning 'various' or 'uncategorisable') and Abracadabra,

the well-known conjuror's phrase (evoking the notion of the designs springing forth as if by magic).