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The Quantumyth:
The Leader




Hyras stood atop a raised platform adorned with dark, pulsing crystals that emitted an eerie glow.


He was clad in robes of midnight black, his face obscured by a porcelain mask shaped like a spider's visage, a symbol of his authority as the revered leader of the cult.


His followers, an army of devoted and fanatical zealots, knelt before him in reverent silence.


Hyras, known as the High Arachnos, was also the grand purifier, the leader who was responsible for maintaining the purity of the cult and eradicating any perceived impurities from the world.

He had ascended to the role after the death-by-challenge of his predecessor, Yvros.


His retinue of cybernetic automatons, known as the pure ones, stood guard around him, their metallic bodies gleaming with an otherworldly sheen.


They were his loyal enforcers, carrying out his will with ruthless efficiency.


For years, Hyras had waged his crusade of purity across Dolacis, converting all into servants of the hive mind


But Hyras grew weary of the never-ending cycle of violence and destruction.


His heart was heavy with the burden of his crusade, and he was plagued by doubts about the righteousness of his cause.


He longed for something more, something beyond the narrow confines of the cult's dogma.


One fateful day, as Hyras was deep in meditation, contemplating his purpose, three strangers arrived in his lair.


They were children, cherubic in their appearance, with an otherworldly glow that seemed to emanate from within.


They called themselves El, Xand, and Laor, and Hyras was intrigued by the children, drawn to their purity and innocence.


They challenged his worldview, asking him probing questions about his beliefs and the nature of purity.


They spoke of justice and compassion, concepts that were foreign to Hyras in his single-minded pursuit of purity.


As he spent time with the children, Hyras began to see the cracks in his dogma.


He realised that his cult's belief in purity was flawed, that it was based on a twisted interpretation of their symbiotic relationship with the Vorbeest they fed upon.


The cult was not truly symbionts, but rather parasites, feeding on the creatures without regard for their well-being.


The realization shook Hyras to his core. He had been blindly following the teachings of the cult, without questioning its true nature.


He had been a pawn in a cycle of violence and destruction, perpetuating injustice in the name of purity.


With newfound clarity, Hyras made a decision. He would no longer be the enforcer of the cult's twisted beliefs. He would break free from its shackles and forge his own path.


He would hunt not for purity, but for justice. He would right the wrongs he had committed in the name of the cult, and seek to bring balance to the world of Dolacis.


But his decision was met with resistance from his loyal followers.


They saw him as a heretic, a traitor to the cause. They launched an attack on him and the children, seeking to eliminate the perceived impurity that had infiltrated their ranks.


Hyras and his retinue of pure ones, who were programmed to serve only him, fought fiercely, using their cybernetic enhancements to fend off the zealots.


With their otherworldly powers, the three Cherubites aided Hyras in the battle.


Hyras fought with a newfound ferocity, fueled by his resolve to break free from the shackles of dogma and seek justice.


In a shocking betrayal, the pure ones, once his loyal enforcers, now fought against him, secretly de-programmed by Hyras' would-be supplanter, his former squire and trusted confidant Elish.


Their metallic bodies clashing with each other in a deadly dance of blades and lasers, the lunged at Hyras.


The cult zealots, driven by their fanatical devotion to the twisted ideology of purity, joined the automatons, and showed no mercy.


They unleashed dark and forbidden powers, conjuring up monstrous creatures from the depths of their twisted beliefs to thwart hyras and the children, bringing shape to the unreal horrors of their minds.


The lair echoed with blood-curdling screams and the cacophony of battle, as Hyras and his few allies — a handful of cultists that chose to free their own minds too — pressed forward, determined to overcome the overwhelming odds.


As the battle raged on, the three beings revealed their true nature.


They were not children, but ancient beings from another dimension with immense powers.


One wielded the power of healing, mending the wounds of their allies and granting them renewed strength.


The other controlled the elements, conjuring up gusts of wind and bolts of lightning to scatter their enemies.


And the third possessed the power of telekinesis, manipulating objects and creating barriers to protect them from harm.


Together, with Hyras leading the charge, they pushed through the cult's defences, carving a path forwards their ultimate goal —

Dismantling the High Cultist's reign, from whose rule Hyras' coven was but an offshoot, one of thousands of cells across the vast world of Dolacis.


Along the way, they encountered grotesque and mutated creatures, remnants of the cult's dark experiments on the Vorbeest.


The creatures were monstrous and terrifying, but Hyras and his allies fought on, refusing to back down.


As they reached the inner sanctum of the lair, they faced the High Cult's leader, a deranged and fanatical figure known as the high priestess.


She was a formidable opponent, wielding dark and forbidden magic that twisted and warped the very fabric of reality.


But Hyras, fuelled by his newfound resolve, faced her head-on, determined to put an end to her tyranny once and for all.


Their battle was fierce, with blasts of energy and waves of darkness clashing in a titanic struggle.


The high priestess taunted Hyras, accusing him of heresy and betrayal, while he countered with arguments of justice and compassion.


In the midst of their battle, Hyras realised that the high priestess, like him before, was merely a product of the cult's twisted teachings, consumed by her own pursuit of purity.


With a final, desperate surge of power, the high priestess unleashed a devastating spell, threatening to engulf them all in darkness.


But Hyras, drawing upon his newfound clarity, countered with a burst of pure energy, dispelling the darkness and shattering the high priestess's power.


In the aftermath of the battle, the High Cultist's lair lay in ruins, and the surviving cult members were scattered, their twisted beliefs shattered.


Hyras, wounded and weary, stood victorious but somber, realizing the gravity of the choices he had made.


The three approached Hyras, their cherubic forms now glowing even brighter with admiration.


They thanked him for challenging his worldview and opening his eyes to the true meaning of purity, which was not about elevating oneself over others, but about seeking justice and compassion for all beings.


Moved by their words, Hyras realised that his crusade of purity had been misguided. He had been blinded by dogma, but now he had learned to think for himself and see beyond the narrow confines of his beliefs.


He embraced the trio, and together they walked out of the ruins of the cult's lair, ready to face a new chapter in their lives.


Hyras felt a sense of peace and freedom that he had not experienced in years.


He had discarded the trappings of his former cult, and now his shaven head with the formerly bolted - faithseals that once crowned his head now removed, leaving scars as a reminder of his past, and the lessons he had learned.


With the Three by his side, Hyras embarked on a new journey, no longer bound by the rigid doctrines of purity.


They traveled across the planet, spreading a message of justice, compassion, and understanding.


They helped those in need, fought against injustice in all its forms, and worked towards building a more harmonious world.


Along the way, Hyras encountered other individuals who, like him, had been lost in the darkness of dogma.


He listened to their stories, shared his own experiences, and encouraged them to question their beliefs and think critically.


Many were inspired by his words and joined him in his crusade for justice. As time passed, Hyras and his companions became renowned across Dolacis, known for their selfless acts of kindness and unwavering commitment to fairness.


The scars around his head he now tattooed with symbols of unity and understanding, representing his new worldview.


With each act of kindness, Dolacis began to change. Communities once divided by fear and mistrust now came together in solidarity.


The remnants of the spider-alien cult had disbanded, and the mutated creatures were freed from their suffering and rehabilitated, and the once desolate landscape began to flourish with life once again.


As Hyras looked out at the world he had helped shape, he realised that true purity was not about imposing one's beliefs on others or seeking perfection, but about embracing diversity, empathy, and understanding.


He had learned to see the beauty in differences, and to value the inherent worth and dignity of all beings.


One day, as the sun set over Dolacis, hyras sat by a tranquil lake with the timeless, dimension-transcending beings. The trio of children, now grown into young adults, smiled at him with gratitude and admiration.


They thanked him for showing them a different path too, for challenging their worldview, and for teaching them the true meaning of purity, demonstrating that even someone as far gone as him could change.


Hyras smiled back at them, his heart filled with contentment. He knew that his journey was far from over, but he was no longer alone.


He had found a new family, united by their shared values of justice and compassion. As the stars twinkled in the night sky, Hyras looked up, feeling a sense of hope and optimism for the future.


The once-cult leader, now a champion of justice and understanding, was ready to continue his crusade, not to hunt impurity, but to fight against injustice wherever it may be found.


And so, with a renewed sense of purpose and a heart filled with love, Hyras and his companions set off into the horizon, determined to make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time.

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