16 Far-Off Upcoming Interactive Titles

In the distance, a cadre of massive, hulking shapes has begun to emerge from the slowly-clearing haze of the ever-nearing next-generation (or even generation-transcending) future:

Truly colossal productions whose arrival may be many years down the line, but which are as inevitable as the rising and setting of the sun. Here are sixteen (guess the reference) titles set to arrive well into the upcoming console's tenures.

Ubisoft's Avatar Project (2021)

To coincide with the film's 12th anniversary (and releasing alongside the first of the film's four sequels), Ubisoft Massive's Avatar Project will be a next-generation dream-come-true online RPG extravaganza that will completely blindside both film and game industries alike, leaving naysayers all but speechlessly slack-jawed and instantly repentant of their faithlessness (the film will do this as well). Boasting essentially film-level visuals (with Cameron sharing film assets for creatures, environments and more directly with Ubisoft, as he did 10 years ago) and a scope that extends far beyond a tie-in title, Ubisoft Massive have promised an experience that replicates 1:1 the experience of living life on Pandora as a Na'vi.

StarField (2021)

To coincide with the studio's 20th anniversary, Bethesda Game Studios‘ long-fabled-then-all-of-a-sudden-actually-real Starfield will leverage next-gen to memorably, powerfully and boldly step into a brand-new science fiction universe, which promises to do for the epic single-player sci-fi RPG genre what Skyrim did for the epic single-player fantasy RPG genre. Expect Kubrickian (perhaps even Nolanian or Cuarónian) visuals, melded with Mass Effect-meets-Star Wars aliens and civilisations. Starfield's challenge will be to differentiate itself from projects that have come before (The Outer Worlds), but if you ask me, all these titles like No Man's Sky and Star Citizen are merely keeping the throne warm while Starfield gets ready to take its place as the dream-come-true, be-all-end-all outer-space experience that Todd Howard and his team were always destined to create.

Grand Theft Auto 6 (2021)

To coincide with the series' 25th anniversary, the sixth entry in the venerable GTA series will harness the ninth console generation to introduce the world to the truly photorealistic (and possibly definitive) 'Id simulator' - need money? beat someone up and take theirs. Feel angry? Go out into the street and kill someone. Want a car? Stop an oncoming one that you like the look of, and steal away! There are solid arguments to be made on both sides of the 'do games stop people from being violent by providing a safe outlet, or do they - especially as they become more realistic - encouraging real-life criminal behaviour by blurring the line between fantasy and reality too dangerously?' argument. The same can (and has, and will to be debated) regarding pornography. I myself adopt a solid 'neither condemn nor condone' stance on either issue. Either way, due to its realism and simple, effective (and, to some extent, relatable premise) GTA6 will transcend gaming, and inevitably become the subject of several psychological, philosophical and existential discussions...and I look forward to them all.

Dragon Age 4 (2022)

To coincide with the series' 14th anniversary, the Dread Wolf will rise. I've long held the stance that Dragon Age represents the closest approximation in contemporary culture of the 'be-all-end-all' high fantasy western RPG experience, and since playing Origins in 2011 I truly believe that this has always been it's true mantle and destiny. While The Witcher has slavic-inspired, gritty fantasy covered, Game Of Thrones cornering the grim, essentially magic-less low-fantasy market, and The Elder Scrolls claiming the chiefly high-fantasy throne (at least in the realm of games - Professor Tolkien's world will always be the progenitor of them all), Dragon Age takes a little bit of each and adds in a dash of The Princess Bride and Monty Python's Holy Grail, along with BioWare's endearingly guileless (and thoroughly Canadian) emphasis on all-inclusiveness when it comes to race, gender, orientation and identity. DA4 (you can see the acronym logo in your head already, can't you?) is sure to make us all fall in love with Thedas once more with gorgeous next-generation visuals, full orchestral score, and a narrative and world that builds on the strengths of the series’ previous entries. All they have to do is add griffons which you can fly the whole map and land anywhere with, and BioWare will officially have become my all-time favourite studio!

Final Fantasy 16 (2022)

To coincide with the series' 35th anniversary, the first fully next-gen Final Fantasy will take what FFXV accomplished - having a broad appeal, a photo-real open world with incredibly detailed characters, environments, creatures and lore - and combine it all with FFXIV's truly mass-appeal, stylised, medieval-focused and variety-filled gameplay (allowing the player to inhabit any societal role they choose) to create a generation-defining Final Fantasy that will be the all-encompassing, legacy-honouring (yet series-evolving) Final Fantasy experience. Expect Square-Enix to step up to the challenge of honouring 35 years of Final Fantasy by firmly taking up their crown as the best RPG series ever created. My dream-come-true feature would be the ability to befriend and mount as steeds not only Chocobos, various creatures and and airships, but certain Summons as well, flying across a stunningly realised new world.

The Elder Scrolls 6 (2022)

To coincide with the series' 28th anniversary, The Elder Scrolls VI will be a next-gen RPG experience like no other. For anyone who has ever dreamt of living in the world of Nirn, of actually standing across from an Argonian or Kajeet merchant and noticing every fibre of their scales or fur, before diving headlong into untold adventures in unknown lands, setting up camp after a long day of discovering ancient treasures, aiding townsfolk and taking one step closer on the path to your destiny, The Elder Scrolls 6 will be the embodiment of your loftiest wishes. Expect full (yet optional) 8K VR integration, either at launch or a few years afterwards. Innovations and new additions will include steed-rearing, where you’ll be able to raise a creature from a hatchling/newborn into a loyal friend and fellow adventurer; the ability to get married and have children, with the whole family able to join you on adventures; and building various establishments from the ground up, including mountaintop lodges, forest cottages and even a chain of sundries stores. TESVI will make TESV look like a mobile game, which by this time Bethesda will have firmly left behind, instead returning to its greatest strengths: living a fully-immersive alternative life in a fantasy world.

Mass Effect 5 (2022)

To coincide with the series' 15th anniversary, ME5 will be the second of BioWare's one-two-punch 'redemption releases' alongside Dragon Age 4 that will restore the studio to its rightful place among the most impactful and lauded RPG-creating studios of all time. The team will go back to the drawing board and use the saga’s most critically and commercially acclaimed title, Mass Effect 2, as a blueprint. Expect the most honest-to-goodness realistic performance capture animations that BioWare has ever produced, as well as am epic, sweeping yet intimate story that will have players enraptured and enthralled. Oh, and the ability to build one’s own starship from the ground up. This one will go head-to-head with Starfield for the open-galaxy sci-fi RPG throne.

Metroid Prime 4 (2021)

To coincide with the series' 35th anniversary, this title will launch alongside the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro as its flagship 'showcase title', much as Breath of the Wild was for the original Switch. Expect the Prime formula to be taken to new levels of quasi-photorealistic detail. Behold colossal Chozo civilisation structures, gradually fill an in-game compendium or databank for every species and planet you come across, and experience the most in-depth look into the psyche of Samus Aran than we’ve ever seen, with Nintendo using full performance capture and a well known actress (possibly Alison Brie) in her portrayal. The cover art (and possibly art direction) will bby the phenomenally talented Kilian Eng, which will give the title it’s own distinctly 80s, Jodorowsky’s Dune-ian feel.

The Legend Of Zelda 20 (2020)

To coincide with the series' 35th anniversary, the sequel to Breath Of The Wild is sure to leverage the Nintendo Switch Pro to bring players to the most high definition and immersively explorable Zelda to date. Built on Breath Of The Wild’s engine, BOTW2 will tighten up the visuals, eliminating the previous entry’s sometimes ‘muddy’ look, and physics will also be improved. At long last, Zelda will replace Link as main protagonist, but Link will still be playable. BOTW’s Rune abilities will replaced be the Ganon Hand, the curse shown in the debut trailer, which will allow all of the Rune’s previous abilities (unlocked across the game by visiting different realms and obtaining various items) whilst adding combat-focused (yet still physics-based) abilities such as magic casting. Accompanying the duo will be a massive creature, glimpsed in the trailer, who will act as both steed and have the ability to set up a spacious tent, where some of the story’s dialogue sequences will take place. Oh, and did I mention that, at long last, Link will speak...?

God Of War 2 (2023)

To coincide with the series' 17th anniversary, Santa Monica Studios will build on 2018's God Of War to bring to the world a truly next-gen God Of War experience, set in a brand new mythological setting. The previous title alluded to the realms of Japanese, Celtic and Egyptian Mythology as possible destinations for Atreus and Kratos, but I speculate a story-pivot even more radical than that. The serpent is a culture-transcending symbol, appearing in everything from Chinese Myth to Australian Myth (the Rainbow Serpent). I believe the plot may centre on the duo attempting to stop Jormungandr, the World Serpent, from destroying not only the Norse lands, but ALL the pantheons. The stakes will be higher than ever before as the two warrior-explorers chase the apocalypse-bringing creature across the Realms of Myth. Early twenties Atreus will be set up to one day take the mantle of God Of War from his father, and in the third title in the trilogy, the young god will accompany his father back to Greece, to learn previously the unknown secrets of his lineage.

Fallout 5 (2024)

To coincide with the series' 27th anniversary, Fallout 5 will expand the scope and scale of the Fallout universe whilst retaining its signature single-player focused game and world design, pushing next-gen to its limits. By the time it is released, a new generation of affordable, cable-less VR will be available as an option, but the core of the titles, as it always has even for the series, is the 1st/3rd person life-consumingly immersive experience of living as a newcomer to The Wasteland.

Bioshock 4 (2025)

To coincide with the series' 18th anniversary, the newly created Cloud Chamber Studios is set to release the latest instalment of the critically and commercially acclaimed BioShock series. Ken Levine, creator of BioShock, once said that the two elements any BioShock title needs are 1) improvisational and interesting combat (Plasmids/Vigors), and 2) a richly immersive world, and Kelley Gilmore (who heads up CCS) seems to be the perfect inheritor of Mr. Levine's universe: “We founded Cloud Chamber to create yet-to-be-discovered worlds – and their stories within – that push the boundaries of what is possible in the video game medium. We are a deeply experienced group of game makers, including many responsible for BioShock’s principal creation, advancement and longstanding notoriety, and honored to be part of the 2K family as stewards of this iconic franchise.”

The Witcher 4 (2027)

To coincide with the series' 20th anniversary, the exceptionally talented team of world-crafters at CD Projekt RED will channel everything they've learned from CP2077 into kickstarting a brand new trilogy of Witcher titles starring Ciri, written in collaboration with Witcher creator Andrej Sapkowski himself, centred around her efforts to begin a new Witcher school. Considering how much graphical splendour CDPR were able to get out of last generation technology, the level of realism that will define Ciri’s Witcher series is almost inconceivable - imagine facing a Fiend, or better yet an entirely new kind of foe (a Sphinx perhaps), in full 8K 60FPS, nigh indistinguishable from the real world, or the highest quality film effects. CDPR’s brilliant, always witty and moving writing will be conveyed through the most stunningly real performance capture tech, all adding up to the definitive Witcher experience.

Cyberpunk 2078 (2028)

To coincide with the series' 40th anniversary, the series that began with 1988's pen-and-paper Cyberpunk game will meld fiction with fact, releasing in a year which a 27 year old Mike Pondsmith (founder of R. Talsorian games and Cyberpunk's creator) would surely have set several tech-savvy, grungy adventures in. Tripling the photorealism, scale and scope of CP2077, CP2078 will truly immerse players into a world of the future, IN the future. Luc Besson will direct a pilot for a tie-in live action Netflix series, which will simultaneously go on to have a life of its own, but also interweave with the game in many intriguingly innovative ways. Oh, and Keanu will return, bringing a few of his Hollywood friends with him...

Fable 4 (2024)

To coincide with the series' 20th anniversary, this will be Xbox's exclusive 'Final Fantasy Killer' that will cement Microsoft's commitment to building its very own iconic homegrown high fantasy saga. Expect Xbox to go all out with this one in terms of scale and scope. Starting the game as an infant, and ending it as an elderly ruler, using next-gen to gradually alter your custom made character mesh in the game’s version of real time. Over a dozen occupations will be yours to choose from, and world travel can be by airship, steed, or even flight! Expect to be able to build your own wizard’s tower, find and befriend your own familiar (which will be generated for each player’s own play style), whose appearance will change depending on wether you choose a good or evil path.

Bloodborne 2 (2025)

To coincide with the series' 10th anniversary, a sequel to Bloodborne ('...sooner or later...') was always inevitable. Expect to travel to a brand new city afflicted by the curse of the nightmare. Time will behave strangely in this tale, as it will be simultaneously set in a new land, yet also be a prequel set in Pthumeru, where the very encounter with the Great Ones took place. Oedon will take a central role, the formless god possessing and guiding the player through inner-speaking. The PS5 will bring us a vision of Bloodborne’s world that will well and truly trap players in an all-too-real nightmare forever, with the climax of the game briefly revisiting Yharnam, before concluding with a final battle among the stars, in the home-dimension of the almighty Great Ones...to slay the (seeming) origin of the nightmare in its own lair, a thus-far-unseen Elder Great One, once and for all...

Honorary Colossi

Batman: Arkham 4 (2020)

Horizon 2 (2020)

Diablo 4 (2021)

Towers (2021)

Onimusha 8 (2021)

Mario Odyssey 2 (2021)

Resident Evil 8 (2021)

Total War: Warhammer 3 (2021) Wizarding World RPG (2022)

Star Wars EA Vancouver (2022)

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 6 (2022)

Devil May Cry 6 (2023)

Dune RPG (2023)

Titanfall 3 (2023)

Ni No Kuni 3 (2023)

Maximo 3 (2023)

Star Wars: Knights Of The High Republic 3 (2023)

Jak & Daxter 4 (2023)

The Lord Of The Rings RPG (2024)

Killzone 7 (2024)

Alien: Isolation 2 (2024)

Wild (2024)

Dishonored 3 (2024)

Child Of Light 2 (2024)

Banner Saga 4 (2024)

Ratchet & Clank 5 (2024)

Control 2 (2024)

Jade Empire 2 (2025)

The Order: 1887 (2025)

Pillars Of Eternity 3 (2025)

Legacy Of Kain 5 (2026)

Forbidden Siren 4 (2026)

Castlevania 31 (2026)

Crash 4 (2026)

Portal 3 (2027)

Skate 4 (2027)

Croc 3 (2027)

MediEvil 3 (2028)

Banjo-Kazooie 3 (2028)

Tenchu 10 (2028)

Half Life 3 (2028)

Oddworld 5 (2028)

Spyro 3 (2028)

Gex 4 (2028)

Sekiro 2 (2028)

Brutal Legend 2 (2029)

Prince Of Persia 9 (2029)

Demon’s Souls 2 (2029)

Silent Hill 9 (2029)

Dino Crisis 4 (2029)

Read Dead Redemption 3 (2030)

Epic Mickey 3 (2030)

Conker’s Bad Fur Day 2 (2030)

Alan Wake 2 (2030)

Vagrant Story 2 (2030)

Dark Souls 4 (2031)