16 Interactive Titles That Should Exist

Sooner or later, something tells me each of these will be made one day.

Marvel's Nightcrawler (2035)

Inspired by and modelled after a mixture of Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) and Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009), Marvel’s Nightcrawler (2035) - an open world RPG - will reintroduce the world to the Marvel Universe’s one and only teleporting circus performer, whose abilities and story lend themselves perfectly to an open world, sandbox style title. By 2035, the notion of a globe-hopping open-world title that is 10 times the size and complexity of the 2018 Spider-Man title will be perfectly feasible. The experience of playing this game will be legitimately speechlessness-inducing. Anyone (like myself) who fell in love with the character after seeing the opening sequence of 2003‘s X-Men United will truly experience their dream-come-true-game. Expect an emotionally intense journey of discovery across a story that begins with Kurt’s childhood and takes him all the way through to joining and leaving the circus, to the X-Men, to confronting his father Azazel in the dimension between dimensions. A cosy, rain-swept hub-and-training area set in Kurt Wagner’s remote Mansion (deep in the Bavarian mountains) will also be featured, complete with a library, catacombs and more. The ‘Best Title’ Game Award will go to this title in December of 2035 for its harrowing, epically quasi-biblical story (conceived and directed in-part by Denis Villeneuve).

Gargoyles (2034)

Goliath. Brooklyn. Broadway. Play as each one of your favourite winged Manhattanites in Disney’s Gargoyles, inspired by and modelled after RockSteady’s Arkham Titles. With an art style that melds photorealism with the original series’ signature style, the cast will feature performance capture coordinated by Sir Andy Serkis, who starred as Goliath in the Gargoyles motion picture adaptation (2032). An optional VR SensePlus mode allows you to fully step into clawed foot prints of the Gargoyles, soaring miles about the bustling New York streets before diving down to stop petty crime and unravel a layered, twist-filled storyline that explores the themes of preserving the past whilst guarding against future threats. This game will be nominated for best action game at the 2034 Game Awards.

Dinotopia RPG

Destiny RPG

Mouseguard RPG Yoshimitsu RPG

Marvel’s Toad RPG

Star Wars: The Mandalorian RPG

The Dark Crystal RPG

The Matrix RPG

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG

Masters Of The Universe RPG

Temeraire RPG

Toad RPG

Beast RPG

Pokémon RPG Princess Mononoke RPG

Howl’s Moving Castle RPG

Spirited Away RPG

Blade Runner RPG

Aboriginal Australian Mythology RPG

John Wick RPG

Mission: Impossible RPG

Ghostbusters RPG

Gryphon Rider RPG Wizarding World Open-Globe RPG

Street Sharks Adventure Platformer

Biker Mice From Mars Adventure Platformer

MonsterVerse/Pacific Rim Fighting Game

Jurassic Park First Person Horror Game

Cloverfield (PT Inspired)