16 Music-Inspired Interactive Titles That Should Exist

These bands lend themselves perfectly to games.

Cult Of Luna • Eternal Kingdom (Psychological Horror)

Inspired by 2019's The Blair Witch, Gone Home and Dear Esther, the dark, fantastical and tragic tale of Holger Nilsson ('Eviga Riket') would make for an excellent first person experience.

Sleep • Discography Anthology (Walking Simulator)

Inspired by 2012's Journey, Sleep's meditative sonic experiences would make for an excellent third person anthology.

Primus (DoubleFine-Inspired)

Mastodon (God Of War-Inspired)

The Sword (Dark Souls-Inspired)

Fleet Foxes (The Pathless-Inspired)

Meshuggah (Scorn-Inspired)

Tame Impala (Beat Saber-Inspired)

Gojira (Death Stranding-Inspired)

Tool (Amplitude-Inspired)

Ghost (MediEvil/Castlevania-Inspired)