16 Untitled Interactive Works In Development

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Its difficult to recall the last time that such a high concentration of high quality, high-stakes projects were in production at once. It certainly seems like the next decade will be one to remember for the interactive artform.

GenDesign (2022)

Leading the group of my personal most anticipated list for so-far-untitled projects is GenDesign's new title. Fumito Ueda’s ‘Dappled Light Trilogy’ was a magical, unforgettable 15-year era, where the artist-turned-director-turned-studio-creator firmly established himself as the foremost voice in the area of interactive works that are minimalist, powerfully symbolic and enchantingly transportive. Early in 2018 a postcard portraying a similar aesthetic to the trilogy, a girl sitting beside a sleeping pig-like giant, but recently a new piece of concept art was revealed, hinting at a more science-fiction tinged direction. I’m in full support of Ueda challenging himself with new aesthetic and thematic exploration, and am keenly anticipating any form of announcement, news or reveal for what’s in store from this studio of Team Ico veterans. I expect an E3 2020 tease, a full year of small teases, interviews and show appearances for 2021, and a mid-2022 summer release. Get the latest news regarding this title here (updated daily).

Rocksteady (2022)

With the news that Batman: Arkham Legacy will be produced by WB Montreal, this leaves Rocksteady open to other possibilities. A Superman game, perhaps? Personally I believe it is time for Rocksteady to create their own IP, and if Xbox are smart, they should have been courting the studio for a next generation exclusive half a decade ago (which I hope they have). If I were to have an educated guess, I think a period piece would contrast nicely with how modern-set Rocksteady’s entire oeuvre has been thus far. Imagine a Van Helsing-style globe-trotting adventure, or a an alternate history Napoleonic premise. This one is definitely one to keep tabs on as we enter a new decade of interactive artistry.

The Initiative (2021)

This super-studio’s first title will arrive right on schedule (as declared by Phil Spencer, after a full year of next generation’s existence), and will utterly and completely blow the whole industry away. Fuelled by God Of War, The Last Of Us and Horizon’s success for Sony, expect this game to meld these three into an entirely new third person RPG/action adventure IP. This one is a sleeping dragon, ready to stir awake after the final remaining year of its slumber. Get the latest news regarding this title here (updated daily).

Ghost Story Games (2023)

Well into the next generation‘s tenure Ken Levine and his team will at long last reveal what they’ve been working on since 2013, a full decade since the release of his previous work, BioShock Infinite. ‘Narrative Legos’, Levine’s newly-developed and freshly patented game-construction technique, will be introduced to a rapt audience at E3 2023, with the game releasing in November of that year to critical acclaim. Levine will win the Best Director Award, and Ghost Story Games will take home the Game Of The Year Statue mere weeks after its release, sweeping the news outlets, all in chorus singing praises to Levine for his daring and artform-revolutionising masterpiece. Sonequa Martin Green, Doug Jones and Michael Shannon who lead up the top-billed cast of the game will join Levine and the rest of the developers on stage, to uproarious applause.

Bluepoint Games (2021)

The teases! Castlevania? Soul Reaver? Siphon Filter? Whatever it ends up being, it’s sounding like it’s going to be truly epic.

Kojima Productions.

Sony Bend Studio.

Monolith Studio.

Remedy Studio.

Amy Hennig (New Studio & Title)

Avalanche Studio.

Avalanche Software.


Quantic Dream.

The Coalition.

343 Industries.

Platinum Games (Hideki Kamiya)

Cygames (Project Awakening)