3 Things To Keep In Mind In These Times: Be Smart, This Is Not Unbeatable & Nothing Lasts Forever

Bottom Line:

1) If you’re smart about your health, you’ll be fine.

2) Health organisations are working on a vaccine around the clock and there is nothing about Coronavirus to indicate that it is unconquerable. It is simply another, albeit inconvenient, strain of flu. Be part of the few who will be able to look back on these times years from now and be able say you kept it together and stayed productive.

3) Take solace in how this will not last forever, like all adversity. The universe has always had a way of rebalancing itself. In 12 months, or 16 months, what have you. And guess what? There won’t be a ‘it’s all over’ moment - that’ll happen naturally.

My personal prediction is that we’re 15 months away from that - September 2021.

In the meantime, work out, do what you can to keep carrying on, and stay at home whenever possible.