50 Non-Social Media Smartphone Activities

No gaming either - that’s addiction as well.

These all pair well with Treadmill Time too.

Free yourself from the toxic middle men!

youll find yourself divorcing permanently from the Black Mirror like system and Contribute to putting it back into the oblivion of bad ideas where it belongs.

1. Leaving Google Reviews

2. Labelling Locations On Maps

3. General - Updating App Settings

4. General - Updating Account Settings

5. Set Up Google News Alerts

6. Replying To Messages

7. Calendar Organisation

8. Writing Or Updating Blog Posts

9. Travel Planning

10. Replying To Emails

11. Organising Meetings With Friends

12. Updating Your IMDB Profile

13. Watching YouTube (Latest Trailers, Docs)

14. Self-Initiated Related YT Channel Surfing

15. Adding Internet Bookmarks

16. Internet Banking

17. Update Health Apps (Lose It, MFP)

18. Going On Wikipedia Adventures (Learning)

19. Going On Fandom (Database) Adventures

20. Write Your Book (Everyone Has One In Them)

21. Surf The App Store For Any Cool New Apps

22. Reading News Sites (Variety, CNN)

23. Work On Your Website (Via Compatible App)

24. Research Recipes

25. Self-Initiated Stream-Of-Consciousness Surfing

26. Look Up Releasing Soon (Art/Entertainment)

27. Label Your Cloud Library (Photos, Dropbox)

28. Khan Academy - Free-Of-Charge Self-Learning

29. Reach Out To Old Relatives And Friends 30. Update Your Bandsintown Profile

31. Surf Bandcamp For Hidden Gen Artists

32. Update Your Homescreen (App Organisation)

33. Watching Streamed Films/TV (Netflix, Other)

34. Learning a new language (DuoLingo)

35. Updating your Discogs Profile

36. Updating your IGDB Profile (Games Database)

37. Contribute To Sites

38. Updating Your GoodReads Profile

39. Research Local Events (Theatre, Galleries)

40. Update Your TripAdvisor Profile

41. Find New Podcasts

42. Review Or Write In To Podcasts (Via Contact)

43. Browse Patreon (Or Make Patreon Posts)

44. Edutainment Apps (Lumosity)

45. Discover Useful Online Tools (BG Remover)

46. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

47. Write An Article For A News Site

48. Surf Your Music App Of Choice For New Tunes

49. Search Your Ancestry/Trace Your Family Tree

50. Research Upcoming Tech Releases

51. Manage your paypal preferences (monitor unwanted automatic payments)

52. Read (or have Siri read you) a Medium (or any) Article

53. Deleting Duplicate Photos

54. Leaving App Feedback/Requesting Features

55. Sending Photos To Be Printed (Kodak App)

56. Diving Into Genius Lyric Meanings

57. Diving In To CliffNotes

58. Watching TED Talks

59. Look up DIY and life-hack articles.

60. Send an old fashioned pen pal email

61. Surf eBay and GumTree for bargain finds

62. Browse Etsy

63. Research questions on Quora

64. Look for deals on eBay

65. Add important dates to Calendar (Birthdays)

66. Add icons and Addresses To contacts

...and so much more (as you can see, I went over 50)

Remember that social media thrives on the idea that it is necessary that it is inseparable from the Internet and from culture and is synonymous with technological progress, making it seem as though technological progress would not exist without it but the fact is the two are separate.

ps: added benefit of weaning body off food/SM based dopamine dependancy.