A Better Deal Than Food In Response To Everything

Note: This applies to any other addictive substance, such as drink, smoking or anything else.

It’s out there, always, and it’s awesome: the actual answer to how you're feeling, right now.

Giving your body what it actually needs each time.

And guess what...it's different every time!


In fact, technically, the only status where food is the correct answer is -ding! you guessed it:

Hunger (and only hunger).

Double shock!

That's right:

Food doesn’t cut it for everything - not really.

Not like how society/convention/culture has made it, where food is the socially acceptable answer to loneliness, stress, frustration, even as an enhancer of happiness and coziness.

If you care anything for the truth - you know, that little ole thing,

The big T -

If it plays any kind of important role in your life, you gotta honour that with your consistent choices.

I know what you’re thinking: you’re thinking about that moment of anxiety that comes when you don’t have food in response to something, that feeling that you’re about to go into an emotion or situation 'unprepared' and that you’ll feel horrible all throughout and worse at the end.

That is a complete narrative, albeit a very convincing one.

Its existence relies on front loading the narrative with such a horrible, avoid-at-all-costs prospect such as going into a situation or emotion unprepared or protected by food, and getting you to turn your brain off then and there, stuffing your face, and never doing any follow up-self inquiry.

The actual truth is that, if you really, really think about it,

The best way to approach whatever situation or emotion is to give it exactly what that emotion or situation needs, instead of food.

Instantly upon having this thought, as opposed to insta-giving in, it is revealed that the anxiety you feel isn’t coming for not having food, it’s coming from not giving a situation exactly what it needs,

(The body panics, sensing your intent to completely mess up the treatment process)

Which - 100% of the time, unless it is hunger - isn’t food.

And guess what?

What you realise is that for each time you give something it’s real, directly corresponding treatment,

you’re getting a 1000% better deal on the other end.

because when you give a situation exactly what it needs it is 1,000,000% better than if you had given that situation only food to cope with.

Think of it like a doctor who puts a Band-Aid on every single wound, including cancer, a broken leg, etc.

A Band-Aid for everything - that's the same as food in response to everything.

And now think of the current medical system which treats each each wound with its corresponding true treatment like ice for a rolled ankle for instance.

it’s okay the first day absolutely sucks it is full of moments like this and it gets like 80% better and easier after the first day.

this is the core of conscious redirection.

at all times you should be gently asking yourself what am I feeling and what is the best way to address this,

and if you do that enough it becomes a habit and you and actually you don’t actually need to think about doing so consciously.

you’ll just take the correct action instinctively.

until that moment of getting automatic like touch typing or A language, here’s your table to study and follow.

Here’s some examples of the correct response:

Overwhelmed: take a deep breath. have a shower. Drink some water.

Scarse/Wanting: realise that you have plenty already to draw upon.

Sad: sit with the bad feelings, befriend them, drink some water, watch something funny, go for a walk, go outside.

Existential: drink some water, think about what connects you to existence beyond your mind (which is the cause of such thoughts), your inherently shared status with everything. and you realise you’re not merely existential - you are existence. This is empowering and is-ness energy will fill you.

Lazy: play a video game. read an article.

Happy: Immerse fully into that happiness itself, and don’t cloud it. Realise that food would numb it not enhance it - the happiness itself will feel so recognised.

Cozy: have a lovely tea and get a blanket!

Satisfaction: immerse into feeling itself don’t muffle it with food.

Boredom: Instantly access the entirety of existence for new activities.

Confused: sit with what you could objectively be doing better or another angle you could be coming at something from, and then also letting go and regaining perspective.

Annoyed: sit with what you could objectively be doing better or another angle you could be coming at something from, and then also letting go and regaining perspective.

Frustrated: sit with what you could objectively be doing better or another angle you could be coming at something from, and then also letting go and regaining perspective.

disorganised Or chilled: ironing your clothes

as an added note by the way doing this helps move things along. It’s like you can feel that the body inside and all the crew members and factory members of the body have heard that the leader the brain the CEO has actually begun to listen to them and so they start working again and not being on strike. (Constipoation for instance).

and you’ll find you’ll have energyvfor all the this Things you’ve been neglecting you since not addressing things as well they need and just eating instead. Then after you’ve entered that slow you get to do brand-new things and pursuits that again are now open to you because you have a one for one I am addressing what I am feeling with what is necessary and what is called upon by that exact feeling type of mentality. And it’s just gonna be this beautiful eternal journey of taking on brand-new challenges and it’s brand-new university. And it means you’re using life to its utmost.

That showerhead that you’ve been meaning to replace that roller door you’ve been meaning to fix all of these things suddenly leap to your front of your consciousness when you put things in their right place.

on the other side of a rebellious act, like challenging a long established and challenged program (such as food in response to everything), insight and growth always await.

Changing from satisfaction from food to satisfaction from doing the right thi

lasts longer reaches deeper