A Love Letter To The Legend Of Zelda: The Most Consistently Excellent Interactive Series Of All Time

If I had to pick any other world to live in, it would be Hyrule.

On the eve of the 20th title in the series being further revealed at E3 in just 3 months time -

Breath Of The Wild’s Sequel (rumoured to be titled Bond Of The Triforce) -

I must lavish well-deserved praise on Zelda.

Every aspect of this title is 10/10, incomparable to games, in the Zelda series or otherwise..

Breath of the Wold consistently makes me feel grateful.

I just keep radiating gratitude for the series, regularly, year after year - ever rejuvenating gratitude.

As it stands now, Zelda is my favourite work of art.

Star Wars went astray (The Prequel/Sequel Trilogy) - Middle-Earth went astray (The Hobbit Trilogy) - the Wizarding World went astray (Fantastic Beasts) - Final Fantasy went astray (X-2).

But Zelda? Like a solid rock of reliable quality, from title to title, going from strength to strength.

I think my gratitude must come from the fact that the Zelda team must have some ritual they perform before, throughout and after developing a title, where they themselves express and radiate gratitude, humility and ambition in equal measure.

Each Zelda title drips with 'gosh, we had the privilege of retelling this quintessential timeless tale,

Of the divine feminine and the divine masculine, of the dysfunctional/demonic masculine, of the elements, of light and dark, of nature, truth, courage, light and most prominent of all, the pure bliss of untold adventure.

Zelda is solace. Zelda is cosy.

Zelda is bliss!

The only possibly comparable universe (which we still haven’t seen much of yet) is the Avatar universe -

Taking flight on a banshee on a whim, as Link can leap in the sky with his glider -

We shall see. But I do not foresee that Zelda will ever be overtaken.

Zelda has no bad entries.

Hope for humanity’s true spirit of creativity being alive and well lives in Zelda.

Each title is a showcase in quality, generosity and fun-lovingness at its best on the part of the game makers.

What is it about Zelda that makes everything come together to the highest standards of video games?

What makes them step up to that mantle? Because truly, they make games as though they have a personal, cultural and historical obligation to do so - there's a sense of duty and discipline mixed with the fun and inventiveness which I truly admire.

We have the amazingly consistent team at Nintendo to thank.

For me, Nintendo is a dedicated Zelda Machine -if Metroid, Pokemon, Star Fox, Jet Force and DK all released BOTW style games, that would be different - but its a true testament to the series that I'm happy to purchase a whole console dedicated to the title.

That comes from my loyalty to the core, timeless monomyth that Zelda so masterfully tells and retells.

The most consistently beautiful character designs, the most imaginative worlds, the most navigable and interesting lore. It's energy is less heightened and anxious, contrived or approval seeking as FF is.

Only Miyazaki and Ueda could compare, but they are both behind Zelda in terms of length of existence, and mass appeal-balanced-with-risk-taking and more.

The only game universe that has inspired the largest and most dedicated online digital archaeological community -


Nintendo Black Crisis,

Masked Nintendo Bandit,

Hyrule Gamer,

Commonwealth Realm,


Good Blood,

Game Over Jesse, and many more -

that's the power of Zelda.

Zelda eventually incorporates so much - even giant mechs, so there's no concern over stagnation -

All whilst having consistency of tone. With patience, all will be a part of Zelda,

Unlike Final Fantasy, jumping around and never building one title on top of the other, as Zelda does.

And the music,..the most consistently memorable, beautiful, spoilt-for-choice array of classics.

Zelda's mythological playground is ever-fertile, just as it has been in myth - in fact, Zelda proudly holds as its core that same globally embraced and forever-relevant monomyth which shaped all world mythologies.

Here’s to many more of this tremendously powerful quintessential mythical timeless series.

At the start of this article I said I would choose Hyrule over any other world to live in.

As I finish this writing, I mount up on my Loftwing and travel to my high up, cosy cottage, up in the mountains, light the fireplace, feed my Loftwing, and fall asleep beside her, before waking up for another day of adventure.