A Myth For The Whole World

Myth is summoned in the air when an endeavour such as Star Wars, of any kind, is being conjured.

Star Wars goes beyond.

There can't not be honest earnest love here, in the creation of every Star Wars film.

Our young 80s selves would be ashamed of our 2020 jadedness - I'm leaving it behind forever.

Jodorowsky theatre: the knights of Ren, correctly and intentionally, are a hollow meaningless entourage. This is symbolically correct.

The storytelling aspect of the third part, where the Aki tell stories to gathered children, echoes 3PO’s storytelling sixth chapter in the Ewok village, the second of the saga’s three endings.

Rey and Ben - a metaphor of the equality between light and dark, and the tragedy and bittersweetness that, no matter what, light prevails, even if that means a partially-light darkness fading...

...This third cycle of three, this grand culmination, needed to be told.

All was told as what transpired a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

...A very generous adventure, three contained in the one, in fact.

It speaks to the storyteller knowing it is the end...

...like the fireworks that build to an extravaganza,

before ending forever.

The childlike spirit of “more, one more story”, piled into the final chapter -

It speaks to the teller and listener not wanting it to end, and yet as with all things, it must.

The dagger guides her to the exact right place -

Ochi made that dagger for himself, to keep such an important secret hidden.

She, the light half of the Force dyad,

was able to permeate Ochi’s spirit memory,

Listening to the secrets Ochi poured into the weapon.

She uses The Force, to intuit from it.

You have to understand...

By the time this saga is coming to a close,

The Force is at its Zenith.

In this last chapter, previously impossible things -

A commander landing a million-in-one self-sacrificial manouvre,

A lightsaber changing hands through time and space -

are now possible.