A Timeline

Time for some future-scrying, to make the cosmos chuckle.

Here's my timeline for the path ahead.

If 2020 was COVID stress/changes/inconveniences at a red-hot 10,

The end of 2021 will be a 7,

The end of 2022 will be a 4,

and by 2023, we'll settle in to a cool and barely noticeable 2.

In 2024, the US will hold another election - which will,

like it or not, influence world history (as US elections do).

The current administration's slogan will be some version of

'The world being back to normal right now? The healthcare you're enjoying? That was us. We did that. Vote for us again so we'll keep it that way.'

The wound of 2020 will have healed,

but in 2024 that scar will ache,

And the majority of voters will remember the dark times and vote to avoid their return.

Based on this, I do believe the US will vote for another 4 years of Democratic leadership.

I also believe that it in the middle of this second-year-in-a-row administration, an Australia-like or Canada-like gun ban will be brought into effect in the US.

68% of people will hand in their weapons in return for the enormous benefits the Government will offer people for doing so: financial incentives, primarily.

20% will hide their weapons somewhere and, just like in Australia and Canada, these people will be heavily monitored.

12% of people, would-be secessionists, will be fought against in small local police skirmishes, and perish.

And the US will FLOURISH -

Baseline levels of anxiety (and obesity) will PLUMMET after this Australia/Canada-like gun ban,

Because there will no longer be any need for distraction obtained via food and TV.

There will be an accompanying reduction of baseline anger and avoidance,

the real reason the US enswathes itself a constant stream of heightened entertainment.

And we will FINALLY see a temperate, Scandinavia-like United States. I'll be all for it,

And it could even lead to me and Ray moving there...we shall see.

So, to summarise:

2021 - The Year Of Clean-Up

2022 - A Return To Real Reality (In Person Gatherings)

2023 - The Global Psyche Is COVID-Free (Hugs Without Thinking)

2024 - An Open-And-Shut Election (Keep Doing What's Working)

2025 - The U.S. Gun Ban (Do It Early In The New Term So People Can Cool Off/Adjust Before 2028)

2026 - The (Truly) Modern World Is Born: 6G/8K Standard, Starlink Internet Across The Planet

2027 - Humanity's Future On Mars Begins

2028 - The Instant-Transportation Era: Hyperloops And Starships

2029 - The Region-less Era Begins

2030 - The Rise Of Photo-real VR and AR

2031 - At-Home 3D Printed Food, Global Wealth Equality, A City On Mars (And Looking Beyond)...