Albert's Impossible Plan

Operation "Billionaires Locate 90% Of Alarmingly Poor Communities Worldwide,

Pool Their Money Into A Global 500 Trillion Dollar #EndPovertyForever Fund,

Build Space-Efficient, Renewable, Easily Maintained Communities Nearby Which Could House Them All,

Which Will Take No More Than A Year Of Round-The-Clock Construction Time,

After Which These Communities Would Be Moved Discreetly, Suburb By Suburb,

Out Of The Slums And Favelas And Into These New Communities,

Where They Will Remain For Another Three Years,

Whilst The Now-Deserted Festering And Unsafe Old Communities Are Demolished,

Replaced With Even More Beautiful And Spacious Communities,

Where The Now-Rehabilitated And Previously Poor,

Now Thriving Populace Will Move A Second And Final Time Into Cities Where AI-Assisted Jobs,

Government-Supported Programs And Weekly Allowances And Lasting,

100% Renewable-Energy Powered Structures Will Support Them For Generations To Come"

Date of commencement: 2050 🤞