Aligned With Nature: The Masculine Spark & The Feminine Hearth

Think of the seed to egg process. The masculine sets forth, a self-initiated flame...though born from the feminine cosmos.

Death - the state of non-being - is feminine. She is void, absence, and holds omniscience.

Life - the state of being, or intrusion into being - is masculine. Though woman is the pre-existence,

An ancient power that essentially existed before existence, the masculine provides the spark that ignites.

This is why a male who is not on the Cycle Path is not a man.

The masculine cycle path - beginning from Cosmic Feminine Vagina Void,

discovering a self-defined path towards upholding the will of the divine feminine,

and culminating in the Cosmic Feminine Embrace, also female.

These dynamics are on an energetic level, not bound by birth-assigned biological gender.

Men with feminine cores, Females with masculine cores - all are valid, but all must follow their nature,

If they hope to have harmony in life.