Being An Interactive Art & Entertainment Analyst (And Occasional Participant)

Is there a word for when you passionately love some aspects of a thing with an all-consuming interest,

Whilst either detesting or being completely indifferent to the rest?

Note: this is strictly my own viewpoint, if yours differs, to each their own, I respect your view. I would appreciate if you could respect mine as well, but sadly this medium is rife with triggered, mob mentality. If you're reading this thinking 'I am secure enough in myself to be able to handle a differing worldview', then you are one of my favourite human beings on this planet, ever.


Gamers = Nope

Gaming = Nope

Gaming Culture = Definitely no, my God no

Gaming Merch = Hard No

Gaming Toys = No

Gaming Collectibles = No

Gaming Apparel = HARD No

Game Soundtracks = Some, and those that are, my God, SO GOOD, should take their rightful place alongside the greats of cinema and stage.

'Gamer Pride' = No, definitely not (implies the need to justify oneself to the world)

Game Streaming = No, so much no

Gamer Abbreviations = Make me want to leave the planet

Gamer Entitlement = Burn in hell you ungrateful waste of flesh

Gamer Complaints = Cease to exist this instant (first world problems)

Game Nostalgia = Yes (I’m not made of stone)

Game Podcast = Mixed: great background noise, some are great, some are terrible

Game News = Mixed: about 10% actually interests me

Game Remakes = Yes (why not, especially when they’re done well)

Game Remasters = Yes (everything can be improved)

Game Reboots = Yes

Game Tech = Yes (Very impressive how far we've come)

Game History = Yes (I like learning how things came to be)

Game Art = Yes (Concept, Illustration, Community)

Game Developers = Yes (they works so hard!)

Children's Games = No

Fighting Games = No

Sports Games = No

Puzzle Games = No

Kill Time Games = No

Playing Games = Extremely Rarely (Art/AAA Narrative Only)

Games As A Service = Execration, Purge With Flame

Micro-transactions = Indifferent (It's not the Casino or cigarette's fault that you go to them, it's on you)

AAA Narrative Games = Most worthwhile artistic and storytelling frontier of humanity today.

Art Games = Extremely important, must be preserved and upheld as the artform's (and indeed art itself’s) future.

Point And Click Games = No

VR Games = No

AR Games = No

Motion Control = No

Children's shapes, basic letters or colours on buttons (square, triangle, ABC) = No (Not looking anyway), should be elegant symbols (I, II, III & IV) or kept blank. Controversial and potentially highly pretentious, but I don‘t care. The artform deserves better.

The word 'play' = Oversimplifying - vestigial term from the artform’s infancy we need to shed already

The word 'game' = Inaccurate - vestigial term from the artform‘s infancy we need to shed already

The word 'beat the game' = Childish - vestigial term from the artform’s infancy we need to shed already

The word 'gameplay' = Crude - vestigial term from the artform’s infancy we need to shed already

The word 'multiplayer' = Causes a physical sensation of sickness in me

So rather than asking myself 'what does this make me?' anymore, I've accepted that, as Carolin Myss once put it, 'I am in this world, but not of it.'