Big Things Have Small Beginnings

2014-era, David-from-Prometheus-inspired ‘About Me’ write-up. Enjoy!

Hello everyone.

My name is Albert Chessa, and I create intricate, Nature-honoring patterns for use in body art, framed display, as well as textiles.

Please read on if you wish to know more, otherwise, enjoy the rest of the gallery at your leisure.

Big Things Have Small Beginnings...

What started with a simple vision of an online gallery for my hand-made abstract works has over time become a vibrant, content-rich online repository where those who share a common appreciation for, (or simply feel a strong kinship with) Mother Nature, can find artworks which honour and respect her humbling, inspiring, all-permeating power as quite literally that which shapes, essentially, everything we are and know.

Her raw, primal, and ultimately inimitable forces of creation, along with the unique, stunning visual spectacles made therefrom, are at the core of my craft.

Everything Is All The Time

If you are one of those people, then I am sure you have noticed all around you the extensive, visual proof - the most irrefutable kind - that all of nature's patterns take shape from a single, unifying energy: Branches grow from trees seemingly in the same way as lightning arcs across the sky, in the same way that cracks form in the pavement, in the same way that veins course through our bodies, and so on.

Nature: Empowering, Healing, and Enlightening

My works can be seen as an exploration, and essentially represent my own personal vision, of that energy at it’s most primordial and uncategorisable. Those ‘same ways' in which almighty Nature displays her all-encompassing, all-governing power on different scales, often across all contexts of existence. Thus a seemingly eclectic, disparate visual and thematic universe is revealed to have shared, common threads - much like mythology - with properties that empower, heal, and enlighten.

Different Names, One Source

There have been many terms for, and calculations by which we have attempted to define this phenomena over the years, particularly in the fields of science, culture and religion, where aspects of it are known by names such as morphogenesis, geomancy/divination and the golden rule, respectively.

And so, in more ways than one, the forces of Nature represent, in many ways, that which all three have in common with each other. Such is nature's - literally - all-unifying power. Everything is connected!

When I began making my patterns 12 years ago, they started as classroom doodles, symbols I would make as drawing exercises. Noticing how engaged I was becoming in crafting them, however, how I would put care and attention into balancing out the image and working in 'perfect imperfections', they became therapeutic exercises that gave me renewed focus, and beautifully worked as metaphors as well - if my line strayed, I'd work it into the overall design, symbolising not getting caught up in my mistakes.

These cathartic works grew and grew, greatly helping to ground an overthinking, troubled mind while honing my drawing skills. I soon began to feel the power of what I was tapping into, in more than just a visually pleasing respect...

I started to notice that I had never seen the kinds of shapes I was making in any Art I had come across before. This piqued my curiosity, leading me to deeper contemplation on the nature of their source, and source of their nature.

Infinity and Potentiality

Developing these shapes over the course of the years has became a deeply personal communion with the universal notions of infinity and potentiality. I can personally attest that these patterns, and the soothing, zen-like craft of making them, have helped me in troubled times to always remember that all matter is connected and shares the same source - essentially meaning that, as long as I have and show respect for Nature and her Truth, I would have nothing to fear ever again. I wanted to share this with those who resonate with this in the same way.

As Above, So Below

Just like Nature’s patterns, my patterns work on all levels, and for all reasons. For some, they are just visually-pleasing patterns and nothing more, which I am perfectly fine with and can totally understand. At the same time, the deeper themes of their creation are all there, in plain sight, for those who choose to see them. Whether you own an original, have a small ornament or carry my designs with you on your skin, all that they are and signify goes with you.


In closing, I would like to thank you for visiting the site, for whatever reason or recommendation brought you here. It is an indescribable feeling to share a true passion for (and literal connection through) Nature with you all!

May her powerful, constantly unique energies and shapes continue to inspire and intrigue you, and may these patterns, such as they are and in whatever way you engage with them, fill you with pride and symbolic strength - in the knowledge that they come from the deepest, strongest and most timeless connection between Self and Nature possible.

With Truth and Peace,

Albert Chessa