Creation Vs. Consumption: Our Response To Content

I think it‘s pretty interesting how, for most of us, the response to content is to consume it, rather than to create from it - to be inspired by it, and make something ourselves.

We live in a time of endless (and increasing) consumption. This, in people like myself, causes alarm, and acts as a catalyst to taking some kind of action,

To try and rebalance the scales a little, to settle those tumultuous waters.

It is also an age of helplessness, which manifests when there is a perception that things cannot, or simply will not, change.

The one way that is always available to us however, to give ourselves hope, is to begin making a change ourselves.

As Gojira’s lyrics say:

When you change yourself, you change the world.

And change is created - it is an act of creativity,

And humans, with our imagination and inherent need to innovate and create -

We were made to make things.

So when we create rather than consume, we are literally fulfilling our evolution-given purpose, and when a life-form fulfils/embodies/purely aligns with the core of its nature, it produces a special kind of solace.

In a universe of great uncertainty, to consciously create something also brings what I call a humble and healthy sense of control, and reminds us of our purpose.

Stay creative, folks.

You’re helping the human race to NOT take an evolutionary path that is contrary to what made us who we are today - what got us to where we are, in fact - proactive creativity-by-necessity.

It is of vital importance that we see creativity as necessary and compulsory, and consumption as optional and rare,

not the other way around.