Digital Jesters

We’ve regressed to dancing for treats.

A bunch of digital jesters.

Nowadays, the treats are called views or likes, instead of being coins, tossed at us in the muddy street.

Not enough people are asking *why* they should dance on TikTok — they just do it because others are doing it.

This unquestioning obedience is dangerous.

It seems innocent enough, but it sets a very concerning precedent.

Because deep down, the only reason for this trend is people being content to trade dignity for attention.

Content to allow themselves to be programmed.

And don’t @ me with this ‘aw c’mon it’s fun’ BS, or even more likely, the ‘ok boomer’ BS.

It’s all about where it comes from.

If you are dancing for views,

instead of just dancing because you love to,

you’re part of a very scary pre-Orwellian problem.

To each their own of course,

but as for my position, Fuck TikTok, forever.

The sooner this TikTok plague is over,

the better.