Doom, Desert, Sludge, Prog, Stoner, Acid, Psych, Occult: The Ever-Eclectic Fertility Of Heavy Music

My favourite form of music is Heavy.

This 'canopy of genres' has always struck me as somewhat of a marvel -

No other area of music can claim to be as dynamic, varied, eclectic, artistically rich and worldly, well-rounded and multifaceted.

Heavy music is made (and appreciated by) some of the most talented artists on the planet,

Appealing to open-minded, intelligent and community-driven people (being a music so closely associated with the legacy of peaceful, scholarly, sometimes nerdy, sometimes weedy creators across 30-40 years).

More than any other culture, scene or lifestyle in music, Heavy music's artistic vibrancy and scope broadens and deepens its appeal - and most certainly, no other genre of music has a close a bond between Artist and Album Artist.

Quite simply, at least to me, it is the most positive and interesting form of music, for three big reasons:


Antlers, Wolves, Bears, Maidens...


Progressive Rock/Metal is defined by the act of playing with/altering/evolving the fundamentals of music with interesting time signatures and more...


Pagan Rites, Psychedelic Visionscapes...

'Ark Whale' by Caitlin Hackett.