Easy Is False: The Difference Between Self-Sabotage & Worthwhile Challenge

‘I don't do easy.’

I have this exact thought several times throughout the day.

I instinctively push away the easy option.

In that way, the tattoo-getting part of me gets some sort of kick from putting myself through discomfort.

But, in Yoga for instance, there is an important distinction between discomfort and pain.

Extrapolating this metaphor, “Worthwhole Challenge” is “Discomfort”.

If you’re not gently but consistently pushing against your shell,

You‘re not growing - you’re sitting in your shell, dead, taking the easy path of never striving for anything better than a smaller scope, mediocre life.

“Self-Sabotage”, however, is “Pain”.

You’re bashing yourself against the shell wall (or, in Yoga, over-stretching to the point of hurting yourself), rationalising this as “important and powerful growth.”

Its easy to tell the difference:

If you are doing something challenging that has, over time, consistently brought you growth and joy, that’s a worthwhile challenge, and you should continue down that path.

If you are doing something that has, over time, consistently brought you pain, that’s just painful self-sabotage, and you should stop walking that path.