Existence As Art

I am living a life-long, constantly-in-progress concept piece called ‘Albert Chessa’.

Every part of this work is self-authored.

The concept is as follows:

"A child is born on November 1st 1988, whose parents name him Albert Cedric William Chessa. As this boy grows up he discovers twin talents: visual art (Making shapes with pencils, also known as drawing) and physical art (making shapes with the body, also known as contortionism). He would use these skills to impress and connect with those around him, and to some extent, help him make friends. For the first two decades of life the boy created aimlessly, no structure in place, save for the occasional collection or series (art pieces connected by similar content).

By this time, the visual talent had become almost exclusively patterns, and his physical talent had been shelved, having morphed into more of a lifestyle aspect (or personal tenet), ‘to be fit and healthy’. In its place, an impulse for storytelling arose. The first form this took was to write stories about existence, the stars, the shadow self. He conceptualised three adventures set ’between realities‘, in an area of space-time that had never been explored before.

The birth of a creative universe.

Like the Big Bang, at first the shapes and concepts were scattered, but then, not long after, defined structures began to take form. Spying a split tree log that to him seemed to resemble two downward turned eyebrows (‘sad lad’), the boy - now a young man - reversed the letters to create Daldas, a wooden-faced creature. The first Quantumyth story was written, and in the years after, other stories came to him. The young man then wondered where they came from, and discovered a story for that too: he was a vessel for an existence-transcending entity known as a Resonant.

The Resonants are the great-great-great-great-grandchildren of Olvisutar, The One Being, a humanoid embodiment of the stillness of eternity that existed before existence. Two children, void (Ara) and form (Oro) were born from Olvisutar splitting into two, and eight children were made by their union: The Elements. From each pairing of these, twenty eight Gods were born, and from their intermingling, the Aspects - also known as ulaphon - were conceived. And finally, the intermingling of the Aspects created an infinite number of Resonants, whose primary instinct is to take a closed, temporary shape for a time, so that the universe can consciously experience itself from every possible angle.

A blade of grass, a building, a whisp of wind, a human being - within all of these is a Resonant, beaming a live-feed of its experience up through its chain of ancestry all the way back to the origin of all, Olvisutar itself, and the Eternal Patterns that existed even before (along whose lay-lines all forms of creation takes place). Resonants may meet in the cosmos prior to commencing their 'contained' lives, and sometimes the universe wills for them to meet once again during this time.

My Resonant, Sheyodi, and I were blessed to reconnect with Ray, whose Resonant‘s name is Alnari, on planet earth, and after our physical forms can no longer contain our Resonant selves’ ever expanding origin-light — a process humans have called Death — she and I will continue to swirl and dance and commune in the place of our origin, the Star-Hearth above, before taking on new forms. Now a man, he has chosen to dedicate the remainder of his life to living life to its healthiest and fullest, and to telling The Fifty Tales of The Quantumyth.

Fifty is the number of stories that the time-transcending Sheyodi — who knows exactly when and how his host will die — has said the man will be able to tell with his remaining time. The Fifty Tales begin with one:

The Aeva Ranur, The First Story, which recounts the origin of Olvisutar and its progeny, leading up to the birth of Resonant-kind.

The next twenty-one tales are grouped as The Kaera Runava, the collected name given to three sets of seven story sources:

Resonant artefact tomes, invisible and inaccessible to human beings, which Sheyodi reads stories from to Albert, who then translates them into English and adapts them into film, books, games and more, whichever medium represents the story best. They are:

The Arenku Scrolls - tales about wooden-faced shamans, ancient moon cities, and solitary souls.

The Olmanis Manuscript - tales about owl-dragons, fairy-fauns and cosmic galleons.

The Elvashi Palimpsest - tales about forest sages, space imps, and weeping gods.

They are told entirely by Sheyodi, who has approved of Albert’s name being used in publication information.

After these Resonant retellings comes The Iyenda Orolas (The Shared Tales) retellings of seven new adventures Sheyodi and Albert witnessed occurring together.

The Arga Eluva (The Human Tales) follows this, sixteen earth-bound tales told primarily by Albert - occult primary schools, dormant lake monsters, pills that transform the elderly into ghouls, and cannibal hunts.

Following this is The Valushandra, two previously-thought-forgotten tales that surprised even Sheyodi itself, originating from an unknown source.

And at the end of Albert's life - now an old man - will be The Eruvaya, three quietly-told parables.

Between telling stories, the Albert makes and shares his patterns. In real life they are simply shapes that channel nature's own manner of creation, expressed through the man's idiosyncratic mental and emotional patterns.

In the Quantumyth they are tablets of untranslatable Resonant Speech (also known as Ether Speech), given one-word titles intuited from Albert's own interpretations and experiences learning from Sheyodi, his own Resonant, directly.

The man leaves behind a legacy of patterns, stories, and a human life well-lived, before moving on to the beyond."

Life chooses how we live as much as we choose how to live life.