Goodbye 83, 82, 81...

With each week my body (who is beautifully cooperating and sending no hunger signals because it knows it’s time to reach and stay my true weight of 70, and that slightly larger meal sizes are due to recommence once 70 is reached) and I bid farewell to certain weight masses, which we are both certain we’ll never return to again.

The 90s are a distant memory from 2005 (and a sudden and Quickly amended shock in 2017),

The 80s have been my near-eternal limbo for over a decade, where all along my height and age have long since held 70 to be my truth.

Now that we’re both locked in to this path, each chapter of the 80s receives a farewell. 86, 87, 84...

Tomorrow (or possibly after-tomorrow), my permanent farewell to the 80s will begin,

and we will soon welcome my new lifelong home,

the 70s, and unlock the brief path that will remain at that point, toward the quintessence of that weight range (and my true weight-home):

7 - 0