Happy Birthday, Anne-Marie!

Today is my friend Anne-Marie's birthday. She is one of the hosts of The Last of Us Podcast (which I formerly co-hosted and now provide creative consultant services for), alongside her equally-as-awesome counterpart, Kathrine.

From our first interactions on Reddit in 2018 and over the years that I've known her, Anne-Marie has remained one of the warmest, kindest, most fun-loving, insightful, hilariously unfiltered, generous and above all patient (thank you for bearing with all our technical problems early on!) people I've ever met.

So, in the spirit of her birthday - and also just in general - THANK YOU for being who you are and doing what you do, Anne-Marie! I look forward to looking on proudly from behind the camera when you and Kathrine host the premiere screening of Neil Druckmann's and Craig Mazin's The Last of Us HBO series next year -

Manifest it!

When Ray and I next make our way to your neck of the world, let's make sure to meet in real life, for the traditional conferral of the 'hamper of kindred meetings':

Literally just a cardboard box filled with TimTams and Vegemite. Huzzah.

Birthular Felicitations, once again!