Happy Birthday, Richey Beckett!

Happy Birthday to an all-round exceptional human being (artistically-gifted, profoundly-thinking, eclectically-minded, empathy-driven, sharp-witted and good-hearted), owner of a truly unique, kind and (that ever-more-rare quality) *generous* soul, the one-and-only Richey Beckett.

May your years to come be lengthy (eternal! ) and filled with many joy-filled moments, worthwhile personal/creative/professional challenges, and a whole bunch of existence-tastic goodness.

Sending you and Jo every good vibe possible on this special day from Australia.

Do not forget the power you now weild for the next 24 hours, sir: make demands! Ignore chores! You are *invincible* in the eyes of friends/family/society at large for this entire day, you must know this! I want to read a headline tomorrow about ‘Mad Welsh artist steals laundromat street sign in the nude, police baffled’ damn it!! Anything less and you’ll have *squandered* this day sir.

Lol, be well, brother! And you and Jo get on over to Aussietown whenever the world has de-apocalypse-ified itself and it’s on the way during your travels — you’ll both have everything you need as our honoured guests. Now, go punch something man !!! Let the BIRTHDAY MAYHEM Commence !!!