How Hard Can It Be: The Fuss-Free Media-Making Set-Up We Should Have Already

It’s so simple:

1) MacBook

2) Bluetooth Lapel Mic (Paired with MacBook)

3) Bluetooth 4K Cam (Paired with/attached to Mac)

...and that’s it! (in terms of hardware)

Apparently items 2 and 3 don’t actually exist, if the internet is to believed. It honestly astonishes me how difficult it seems for manufacturers to get their heads around the idea of a completely fuss-free media-making (YT videos, podcasts, etc.) set up.

Maybe in 2025 we’ll start seeing more all-in-one, fuss-free, set-and-forget style products that don’t make you want to snap your laptop in half with frustration when trying to shop online.

I just want to be able to turn my laptop on, quickly attach (or better yet, have still plugged in from last time) a mic and a camera to the top of the laptop, no cables, connect via Bluetooth, and away you go!

For a field that is often associated with progress and intelligence, these glaring gaps in the design and availability/existence of certain ‘you’d think this would obviously already exist‘ type of products are truly puzzling.