Humanity Is Inescapable

I wrote an email to myself yesterday with the subject line:


As in, we live in a labyrinth-prison permanently encased in and fated to be constantly be redirected to the human form, the human experience, the human understanding of things.

Yes, humanity is inescapable.

And after that realisation, what does one do?

Continue to participate in the common rituals of society? Birthdays, film premieres, dinner dates, fashion competitions...

Two arms, two legs, a midsection, a head, legs, feet, hands, eyes, a nose, a mouth.

Did we, long ago, look about ourselves for an excuse not to leave the planet,

And mutually decide 'actually, we should love ourselves, because our deity created us in his divine image, so that's why we're not boring, that's why we're not plain and ultimately the same thing over, and over, and over again - infinite flesh prison variations on a bipedal theme - no! We're special divine gifts, each and every one of us'?

But does the average-ness of a human hand not get to you some times?

Does the banality of yet another human forehead or yes, even a smile, fill you with 'is this really all there is' dread?

We don't have a choice.

Was language just something we developed to articulate just how many ways things are just the same?

So many languages, English a foremost example, have multiple words for the same thing.

'Bored' is a dirty word to me - and many others. Out of these questions, I ultimately come out as a


A word I came up with almost 10 years ago, to describe someone who was these wafts of hate that ultimately dissipate into nothing, and out of that nothing, a smile.

A hug. Another smile :)

And the cycle continues.

(art by Janusz Jurek)

P.S. I'm doing podcasts (solo only) again. I'm also back on social media (business/recreation only, no personal data provided). Both of these developments are the result of the abovementioned Misanthroptimism - I might hate, truly hate so much of what modern society is, but among that there is fun to be had. As long as I keep myself near, I can navigate those waters safely. I'm leaving the old post (the one where I said I'm leaving socials and ceasing the podcast forever) up for history's sake.