I Hope To Live To See The Day That The Middle-East Will Be Safe Again

I truly do.

When. I think of the middle east,

I see a country truly hard done by - the world has turned on them, and so they have turned on themselves.

If the world were an organism,

and war and terrorism were a cancer,

Then the middle east and the Arab sphere are a beautiful area of the body - a slender,

dune-like dip of the hip - that has been blighted with a cancerous Tumour.

i often find myself thinking along the lines of,

isnt it a tragedy that the greatest Source of beautify in the world -

Spiritual Beauty (Sufism),

Scientific Beauty (Ancient Persia’s innovations)

Feminine Strength and inner/outer Beauty,

- is the place where it is most caged (the most stunning works of artisanry destroyed in terrorism attacks, the most beautiful women In the world wrapped in black and made to feel inferior, and so on).

Maybe for my 50th birthday - hopefully my 40th - this time of stigma and war will be a distant memory :)

I want to see the gold plated Arab leaders s ave their own people - I undetsnd it is complicated,

but surely - with the help of white blood cells around the world, and most importantly right at the site of the infection - the cancer will clear.

I send positive vibes and donations to all the innocent people can caught in the middle of it all.