If COVID Isn’t A 'Gaia Move', I Don’t Know What Is...

The theory that the planet is sentient and just like a normally-pretty-Zen horse tolerating a tic colony,

Occasionally the horse will shudder its skin to shake them off, or at least give them a warning...


- Target stubborn/close minded elders (those who don’t follow reason and logic, which are often in power)

- Reveal frauds for who they are (Trump, who is crapping the bed under pressure and even his die-hard supporters are dumbfounded by how cruel he is being to his own people through sheer oblivious and stubborn stupidity)

- Cause people, non-malevolently, to take a break on having children (prospective parents are likely to wait until the pandemic has passed), and perhaps reconsidering the place where the desire to become a parent comes from.


Under-appreciated and regularly taken for granted services and personnel such as Hospitals, Retail and Service Industry assistants + COVID = people being really grateful and applauding regularly.

Films that regularly get snubbed because they don’t get theatrical releases = Oscars forced to let them qualify