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Intentional Art

Avatar: The Way of Water.

The return of deeply intentional art.

Taking the care not to compromise, and to make something into the best version of itself it can be, is sacred, and rarer now than ever before in our history.

And not just in art — in self-development, in politics, in relationships. In all facets of existence, an unprecedented level of rush has become normalised, caring only about appearing to do the work, rather than actually doing it.

Corner-cutting is rampant as we continue down a path of attention-span eroding, scrolling-past, and instant gratification. But just as we got ourselves here, we can get ourselves out.

There’s much work to do in many (all) spheres, but as for big budget filmmaking — a storytelling medium that replaced the campfires, of our ancestors and allows walls to melt down and permit lifelong stories and lessons to trickle in — next week, make sure to truly cherish and relish your experience of Avatar: The Way of Water.

Bring your friends, tell them what is happening, what is possible if we all act as one organism, which we truly are (separation is an illusion), and vote with your money-energy with repeat viewings to ensure that Eywa (and the film industry) hears you.

Let’s send a message that we don’t want to be sheep to conveyor-belt-filmmaking with slapped together stories and special effects anymore, and that we want and need more deliberate, portioned out, thoughtful, multi-layered, boundary-pushing, bar-raising and standard-setting Trojan horse Art-ivism, Art-ertainment and Art-ualisation.

Sivako, ma ‘eylan!

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