Interactive Source Material

The key to creating a great interactive adaptations is to first break the original material down to its source elements -

Imagine trying to eat a piece cake with all the ingredients added in the wrong amounts, the cooking steps out of order. It would be an abysmal cake to be sure, one that is sure to make you sick (as most game adaptations have done) -

and then adapt that, the RAW material, rather than just anxiously making a weakly stitched-together, insecure series of references that will only alienate both film fan and interactive fan audiences.

Also incredibly important is not to name it the same thing as the game - it feels tacky, desperate, and just never works.

Here are some examples of who would be able to do this to an Oscar (or near-Oscar) worthy standard:

The Faerie

Film (2028 • Horror, Fantasy)

Director: Guillermo Del Toro

Source Material: Déraciné by Hidetaka Miyazaki

"The Faerie awakens one night in an orphanage, and is taught by another faerie that all faeries possess a red ring on their right hand that can store life energy, and a blue ring on their left hand that can manipulate time. If a faerie possesses a golden wand, they can use it to drain a human's remaining timespan and use that time to travel to the past."


Series (2025 • Horror, Fantasy, Adventure, Thriller)

Director/s: Gore Verbinski, Guillermo Del Toro

Source Material: The Order: 1886 by Ru Weerasuriya

"Set in an alternate history 1886 London, an old Order of Knights keeps the world safe from half breeds, monsters which are a combination of animal and human. Around the seventh or eighth century, a small number of humans took on bestial traits. The majority of humans feared these new beings and war broke out. Despite humans outnumbering the half-breeds, their animal strength gives them the upper hand in centuries of conflict."

"Rapture" (Film • Ken Levine • Ari Aster • Source: Bioshock)

"The Old Blood" (Limited Series • Hidetaka Miyazaki • Nicholas Winding Refn • Source: Bloodborne • Alternative Title: “Blood Echo”)

"The Nest" (Limited Series • Fumito Ueda • Deborah Chow • Source: The Last Guardian)

"Metal Gear" (Film • Hideo Kojima • Jordan Vogt-Roberts • Source: Metal Gear Solid)

"Origami" (Film • David Chase • Jordan Peele • Source: Heavy Rain)

"Helghast" Neill Blomkamp (Film • Killzone)

"Telamon" Denis Villeneuve (Film • No Man's Sky)

"Legacy" (Multi-Season Series • Luca Guadagnino • Legacy Of Kain)

"Esther" (Film • Roger Eggers • Dear Esther)

"The Bureau" (David Lynch • Control)

"Nora" (Multi-Season Series • J.J. Abrams • Horizon Zero Dawn)

"The Rapture" (Film • Lucile Hadžihalilovic • Everybody's Gone To The Rapture)

"Parable" (Director: Simon Pegg • The Stanley Parable)

"Wake" (Director: Alan Wake)

"Prothean" (Limited Series • Drew Karpyshyn • Alex Garland (Source: Mass Effect)

"The War God" (Limited Series • Cory Barlog • Peter Jackson)