Kindred Artists: Part 2 - Visual Art

This article is part of a twelve part series that includes Film Artists, Visual Artists, Music Artists, Interactive Artists, Comedians, Industrial Designers, Photographers, Culinary Artists, Performance Artists, Authors and Digital Designers. It consists of creatives whose work I universally love, respect and celebrate, with whom I'd be honoured to collaborate, and whose work I could easily discuss and analyse at length.

As time goes on, though one may continue to be open to experiencing the work of newly discovered artists, invariably one begins to notice (particularly as one enters their thirties) that certain pantheons begin to take form: those artists across multiple mediums who stalwartly retain their position as being the best in their respective art forms. As art is subjective, pantheons vary wonderfully from person to person.

These are my most kindred (favourite) Visual Artists, in no particular order.

I previously gave a shorter, less detailed version of this article. This is the extended, full-featured version.

Kilian Eng

Sweeping, epic, incredibly detailed - Kilian Eng is my favourite contemporary visual artist.

Eyvind Earle

Unique, colourful, detail

Vania Zouravliov

Christopher Shy

Arik Roper

Dan Mumford

Dan McPharlin

Jean Giraud

James Gurney

Denis Forkas

Raymond Swanland

Crash McCreery

Paul Dainton

Nick Thornborrow

Karl Kopinski

Akihiko Yoshida

Yoji Shinkawa

Tetsuya Nomura

Frank Frazetta

Roger Dean

Zbigniew M. Bielak

Yoshitaka Amano

Mike Mignola

Marald Van Haasteren

Maarten Donders

Alex Grey

Piotr Jablonnski

Alan Brown

John Dyer Baizley

James Gleeson

Giovanni Battista Piranesi

De Chirico

De Goya



Albrecht Durer

Gerard Trignac

Gustav Doré

Richey Beckett

Paul Romano

Warren Davis

Jeff Jordan

Mona Robles

Alan Lee

Brian Froud

R.J. Palmer

Lauren Marx

Wayne Barlow

Yoann Lossell

Timofey Stepanov

Nick Keller

Allen Williams

Agostino Arrivabene

John Howe

Ellen Jewett

Mario Duplantier

Caitlin Hackett


Nan Lawson