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Looking Ahead to 2023 (Ten Pillars)

Everything is being streamlined, simplified and distilled.

Six Letters (Each), Nine Areas.

Health - Shed, Maintain, Gain.

Wealth - Save, Spend, Invest.

Social - Being Present for Others.

Travel - Local and International.

Career - Enjoyable, Profitable, Sustainable.

Studio - Twice a Week, Steady Growth (The Topic Podcast Network)

Prints - Once a Month (Resonant Art and Design Studio)

Mythos - Once a Year (Quantumyth Multimedia)

Future - Events, Interactive, Film, Music, Series, Tasks, More.

A tenth over-group, Hub, will pertain to everything 'Albert Chessa' — me as an independent entity.

In this way, there are four groupings, which can be abbreviated thus:

S - Studio (aka TN, Topic Network)

M - Mythos (aka QM, Quantumyth)

P - Prints (aka RD, Resonant Art and Design)

H - Hub (aka AC, Albert Chessa)

Entering 2023, every facet of my life will align to these ten pillars.

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