Lore Of The Quantumyth (Entry 1)

Clockwise from the top left: Sketch of Yddrach, the watcher-demon, tormentor-turned-servant of Yalva, the demon-taming elder.

Skull of Olpuk, the exiled gleyou (a species of void imp) whose sacrifice brought an end the dreaded Mirrowight, the celestial devourer.

Sketch of Deudephalon's Sign, a special Resonant hand gesture, signifying 'the dual within the one'.

Yuvali, the sacred windhound, whose primordial patterns glow after being summoned by Valeon, the hero of the plains.

Beneath is Elpesh, the lizard-sage of Vendroth (the mire keep) and old friend of Uthren, the owl-dragon.

Orvudd, the beckoner, second of Yalva's demonic allies, and beneath her is Plioch, ancient woe bringer, the third.

A cave painting of a Resonant ancestor, painted by an unknown Oyem (Woodfolk) shaman. Zyrcha, the smiter, Yalva's second-in-command.

A simple resonant totem carved by Tarpley, a benevolent elder Entaph (sentient metaphor) from the Quantumyth tale of the same name.

The final drawing is a depiction of Oromundi, a deity worshipped in the metropolis of Ondervach Grand Sprawl (the main haunt of Valmont, the puppet-jester-assassin), said to be based on Olvisutar, the primentity, who birthed all that ever was, is, and shall be.