Memories & Dreams

Memories on a merry go round...

it comes back to you.

We all have memories, dreams or things in between that refuse to either come in to the mind's light, nor fade into oblivion. Here are some of mine. If you're familiar with what a Pensieve is, you'll understand what this post is about. Perhaps if I grow too old to remember some of these, I'll revisit this post and reading about them will refresh my memory.

The Aboriginal Excursion Memory

I have a distant, vague memory of going on an excursion to an aboriginal community (or possibly a bush museum) in primary school. I remember a slate coloured building. I think I remember seeing Boomerangs under glass, and thinking about how cool they were. I remember our class being shown an Aboriginal spear, and being taught how they were used, as well as Boomerangs.

The 101 Dalmatians Wind-Up Airplane Memory

The Camouflage Tree House Memory

The Salted Spaghetti Excursion Memory

The Gumnut Baby Crafts Lesson Memory

Waiting In The Car With My Simba Figure Memory

Waiting In The Car With My Raptor Puzzle Memory

The Snow Day Excursion Memory

The Bee Keeper Martial Arts Memory

The Quarry Dream

The After School Care Dragon (DreaMemory?)

The Quantum Of Solace Book Spine Story

The Million Carrots Story

The Walking Home In Ascoli Story (Masters Of Teras Kasi, FF8, Spyro)

The Warpath Nutella Croissant Story

The Italian Bus Ice Tea Story

The Pokemon Bike Trip Story

The Shadows Of The Empire Toys R Us Story

Planet of the apes toys R us story

Spyro Story touts R Us

san Benedetto Pizza night perfect sort of corporate tasty pizza, Chuck Norris on Walker texas ranger.

sBT The rain medievil memory

The Christopher Lee Treebeard heavy metal Belconnen story

Ghost behind-the-scenes crew Belconnen highway story

Aesop’s fable rock Belconnen giant walk story

space horse giant walk story

The rainy night 10 shoe rack of heaven game FAQ factual information story

The white suburban Deakin house goosebumps story

belconnen bus riding arco flagellant memory

the star Fox Lylat wars Telopea Park Falcon Car Story