Musings On The Rule Of Cool

Bixler-Zavala, Josh Homme, Jack White.

Pioneers of since-emulated signature sounds.

The music is the primal of heart of why this is so, but the lyrics were made to compliment the sounds, not clash.

And that’s why their material goes beyond merely good, it becomes great, it becomes cool.

Long ago, in reference to the lyrics of The Dead Weather, Queens Of The Stone Age and The Mars Volta, I came across a sentiment that roughly said:

“When its said with enough confidence and flow, it doesn’t matter if it makes sense - it’s just cool”

I’ve always defined cool as the definitional middle path, not to hot, not too cold. The most balanced option is best.

This applies to good comedy and good music, and good lyrics too.

“Exoskeletal junction at the railroad delay“

It applies to some band names too,

like Maximum The Hormone or Survive Said The Prophet.

To make something palatable and appealing, even non-sequitur comedy, it has to have at least some thread of internal logic.

“I love you the most I do, when you’re so close to me, I can smell the gasoline“.

Even if it’s portrayed in a scattered matter, it has to have a discernible flow and wholeness, a consistency that stops it from being obnoxiously random,

also known as try-hard random, where the material has an attention-seeking, approval-craving quality,

of throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks.

No one wants to be around that energy.

Conversely, take any of QOTSA’s lyrics.

They come from a place that was sat with,

and deliberately expressed to some extent.