My Happy Place

I have a happy place.

I wake up.

It's a slightly overcast day in 1980s American suburbia, the pacific northwest, or the Midwest.

I have the house all to myself.

It's just after 1pm.

The decor is warm, everything is timber and mahogany.

There are checkerboard fabric placemats on the table.

I woke up about 1 hour ago, and I've made myself some eggs, some bacon, some toast, and poured myself some orange juice.

I have my hot chocolate beside me to sip at later.

Return of the Jedi is in the cinemas, and I've already seen it twice. It's just started to rain, and I'm listening to Ben Burtt and George Lucas talk about the film on the radio or the television.

I'm at the breakfast table, in my robe and slippers. I take a bite of toast, and get a few crumbs on my Return of the Jedi storybook.

I'm around 10 years old.

I can see pine trees and clouds outside. After breakfast, I get my bike, and decide to go and explore 'Endor' - the Pine forest close to my home. I wave to mum and dad and say that I'll be careful and safe, with my Star Wars figures in my small backpack. I pedal off along the road, and then find a familiar forest trail.

I follow it, going into the forest, and find my Star Wars forest 'play space'. I bring my toys out, including my Endor speeder (my favourite), and play for a while, making sure to stop and eat my double-layered peanut butter and jelly sandwich, wrapped in plastic in my bag.

Around 5pm, it's time to go home, because...the whole family is going to see Return of the Jedi again!

We go to Arby's first, and as the evening approaches, I notice the pine trees silhouetted against the sunset through the restaurant window. My sneakered feet dangle from my seat, and the food arrives.

I excitedly talk to my family about Star Wars, and how much I'm looking forward to seeing the film again in less than an hour from now!

Before I know it, we're in the theatre.

The dark crimson curtains to the left and right of me, leading to who knows what kind of magical worlds...the smell of popcorn, the excited whispers of the crowd.

The lights dim. The adventure begins! At home afterwards, I lie in bed, my parents silhouetted in my room's doorway.

Goodnight, mum and dad!