My Last Post...

Ha! 230 posts in,

and it's clear that I've sneakily shifted my previous OCD noting habit,

Which I discussed in this post,

Onto this journal. Naughty naughty!

230 posts - this one being the 231st - is a good number to go out on.

Once again, it's all about energy, honesty, and the value of one's time.

Spell checking, adding a category, finding a picture for each post, eh - I think I'm good.

There you go - a snapshot of five months in Albert's life.

For the rest you'll have to wait until 'the private journals' are published or something -

Gonna reach for that 2088, yo! Thinking of each year as a push-up almost,

Each repetition is good for you, and the triumph of doing 100 is unlike anything else.

It's been real, folks.

Podcasts will still be happening (for now, but who knows), art will still be going up,

I may even go back into the chronicle and do spell-checks and edits. But not a post more than 230 :)

I'll look back on these five months as a gradual scale-down -

A transition step of sorts -

From being essentially full-blown addicted to social media (especially creating accounts - I think I made over 60, in all honesty),

And after this 'site journal rehab', I'm finally free from the extremely-internet-age-catalysed (and if you think about it, kind of ridiculous) need and compulsion humanity suddenly developed one day to start sharing their lives in a public forum.

I'll still, perhaps, keep writings or chronicles of my own, and as mentioned previously, if these end up somewhere public, it will be when I'm no longer around (I'll say it once again: vying for that 2088 and maybe even a little beyond! Who's with me?).

Stay safe and be well, all of you, and keep swirling in the void ♾