Nontent: Reflections On The Age Of Clickbait & Creative Emptiness

Garish and obnoxious thumbnails. Bulging eyes. Big blocky text.

All signposting and advertising nothing - sometimes even less*

Simply put, we are now in a time where lies - the deliberate obfuscation of truth for personal gain - are the primary form of global currency.

A Patreon-supported channel offers 'content' that is essentially lazy, inarticulate regurgitation of existing information. The age of leeching, passed off as creativity and worthwhile pursuit (Podcasts are extremely guilty of this, and lead to much jaded existentialism on my part).

A headline states, frankly, something completely misleading, with only the broadest sequences of logic that are barely applicable to justify the headline's phrasing (see picture).

The age of falsely portraying the mundane as exciting, gaslighting the public into believing the unimportant and trivial to be worthy of your attention, and preferably your click-finger lubricating rage.

Every article is aggressively padded, and most content is bloated by editorialising, umm's and ah's.

It's enough to make you retch.