Nostalgic For 2010

There are many things I'm grateful for in these modern times, not least of which is my fiancée, and where I'm at in terms of my personal growth and relationship with creativity.

Something about 2010 though.

Simpler times. Before the dark times...before so much of the gluttony and greed that defined the decade to come, and definitely defines 2020 so far (narcissism, first world entitlement, etc).

Before click-bait and thumbnail spoilers (why do endings need to be explained? such sublimated click-bait).

YouTube wasn't so flooded with, well, YouTubers.

There was an innocence to it all. That's over now -

The gifted and naturally generous child has grown into a profiteering, soulless suit.

It has realised that it can sell its talents for more and more money.

2008 to 2012 was a great time for YouTube in particular. It will always be the its golden age.