Notable 2020 Happenings (Updated)

Starting a tradition with this new decade, each year I'll be making a post that provides an overview of art, entertainment and life-happenings in the year to come. Categories include film, game, tv and music releases, as well as events (both live-streamed and ticketed) and other notable dates. This post will be regularly updated throughout the year (sometimes with hyperlinks directly to official pages and live-streams), so feel free to bookmark it if the entries here line up with your own interests.

January 2020

21st - Tim And Eric Live In Melbourne

February 2020

6th - Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Seventh Season Begins

14th - Tame Impala’s ‘The Slow Rush’

17th - Speaking With Darren Jacobs

18th - Tool Live In Sydney

23rd - Speaking With Tommie Earl-Jenkins

24th - Better Call Saul’s Fifth Season Begins

March 2020

16th - The Game Developer Conference (GDC)

27th - The Chats’ ‘High Risk Behaviour’ Releases

28th - Disney‘s Live-Action Mulan Film Releases

April 2020

3rd - Resident Evil 3 Remake

10th - Final Fantasy VII Remake

May 2020

4th - Star Wars Day

14th - George Lucas’ Birthday

29th - The Last Of Us: Part II

29th - Green Knight (A24 Film)

TBA - HBO Max Launches Worldwide

June 2020

9th - The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)

• Dragon Age 4 Fully Revealed

• The Elder Scrolls 6 Teased Again

• GenDesign’s New Game Revealed

• Wizarding World RPG Revealed

• Ghost Story Games Revealed

19th - Pixar’s Soul

26th - Top Gun: Maverick

TBA - World Wide Developer’s Conference

• iOS 14 Reveal

• MacOS 20 Reveal

July 2020

10th - Ghostbusters: Afterlife

16th - Tenet

24th - San Diego Comic Con

• Carnival Row Season 2 Trailer

• Pacific Rim Animated Series Trailer

• Lord Of The Rings Series Teaser Trailer

• Dark Crystal Season 2 Announced

August 2020

27th - Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

• New Star Wars Saga Trailer

• The Mandalorian’s Second Season Trailer

• EA Vancouver’s Star Wars Title Trailer

• New Animated Series Trailer

• The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary

September 2020

4th - Monster Hunter (Film) Releases

10th - The Annual Apple Event

17th - Cyberpunk 2077

October 2020

2nd - Venom 2

9th - The Witches

29th - Ralph Bakshi’s Birthday

TBA - The Mandalorian’s Second Season

November 2020

3rd - The 46th US Presidential Election 20th - Godzilla Vs. Kong

TBA - The Annual Xbox Event (X020)

December 2020

17th - Watching Dune At IMAX Sydney

TBA - The 7th Annual Game Awards

Q4 2020

TBA - PS5 Launch

TBA - Xbox Series X Launch

TBA 2020

Mastodon’s New Album

Meshuggah’s New Album

Gojira’s New Album

Pacific Rim Animated Series

Stranger Things’ Fourth Season

Oddworld: SoulStorm

Psychonauts 2

Barry’s Third Season

Kung Fury II: The Movie

Killing Eve‘s Third Season

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Revealed (State Of Play)

Miscellaneous 2020

News On The Mars Volta’s New Album

News On Limp Bizkit’s New Album

News On Electric Wizard’s New Album

News On The Return Of The Sword

News On Twin Peaks’ Fourth Season

News On Michel Ancel’s Wild

News On Beyond Good & Evil 2

News On Dragon Age 4

News On Final Fantasy 16

News On The Elder Scrolls 6

News On Horizon Zero Dawn 2

News On God Of War 2

News On Mass Effect 5

News On Metroid 4

News On Star Fox 6

News On Starfield

News On MediEvil 2 (Remake)

News On Frasier’s Twelfth Season

News On Dark Crystal‘s Second Season

News On Amazon’s Middle-Earth Series

News On Amazon’s Conan Series

News On Carnival Row’s Second Season

News On Netflix’s Narnia Series

News On Netflix’s The Continental Series

News On Fumito Ueda’s New Game

News On Ken Levine’s New Game

News On The Leaked Wizarding World RPG

News On Indiana Jones 5

News On The Planet Of The Apes

News On Robert Eggers’ New Film

News On Ari Aster’s New Film

News On The Next Alien Film

News On Alex Grey's Entheon Project

News On Twin Peaks Season 4

News On True Detective Season 4

A Teaser Trailer For Avatar II

Bernie Sanders Becomes US President


Ghost’s New Album Releases

Guillermo Del Toro’s Short Story Books (Amazon)

The Lucas Museum Of Narrative Art Opening

Avatar II Releases

Fantastic Beasts 3 The Banshees of Inisheer


New Star Wars Saga Begins

35th Birthday


Cargo Trip To Mars (SpaceX)

Avatar III Releases


Cargo & Crew Trip To Mars (SpaceX)


News On A Vagrant Story Remake

News On MediEvil 3

News On Dishonored 3

News On A Third Tron Film

News On Aqua Teen Season 12 News On A Sequel To The Order 1886

News Of A New Mars (Barsoom) Adaptation

News On The Conan Documentary

Pipe Dreams

BloodLines (PS1) Remake

Pandemonium (PS1) Remake

Croc (PS1) Remake Gex (PS1) Remake

Tombi! (PS1) Remake

Kingsley's Adventure (PS1) Remake