Our New Default Is Infinite Restlessness, Oversaturation and Hollow ‘Nontent’

Things are being made too fast,

too often,

Fostering plummeting attention spans.

In the 90s you’d see 2-3 cool or new things per day — commercials would loop, the library or video store would run out of videos.

Now it’s infinite. Infinite everything,

foremost of which is time-wasting.

Fighting back jadedness has become daily routine.

But sometimes the level of overwhelming entitlement,

brattiness and self-abandonment — all for the purpose of upholding the mighty algorithm —

weighs me down.

Even with all the world‘s very real problems,

environmental and humanitarian crises (I do what I can to regularly bring relief to them — donate, folks),

It makes me feel like I’m on a different earth than my own.

Mitigating/reconciling the reality I’m in with my own truth — that has become my life.

I cannot, and will never, give in to this modern era’s obsession with crushing everything wonderful we built for the past 100+ years,

By endlessly exploiting it, erasing it, remaking/rebooting it, and worse.

This journal has become a chronicle of personal mourning, it seems.

Well, it’s my truth. So be it.