Paid To Waste Time: How Society Has Tacitly Decided To Elevate And Fund ‘Substancelessness’

“Analysis videos!”


“Community Q&As!”

“Theory Discussions!”

And countless more permutations of —

when you scrape these fancy names away —


It’s paying people to chew, not cook.

To hem and haw, not create.

I truly mourn for the notion of originality, of artistry, in this world, in this era of ‘CONSUME, DO NOT CREATE.’

Take a pause and consider JUST HOW MUCH society is now designed around you never really doing anything with your life.

These analysis channels are fooling themselves.

Podcasts, with few exceptions, are FOOLING THEMSELVES.

Because in the end all they‘ll leave behind is a couple hundred thousand videos of FAFFING.



LAZILY CONSTRUCTED bullshit sentences.

And they get paid for this, oh,

how they get paid.


Give me a fucking break.