Patterns, Podcasts and Parables: Evolving Humanity Through Interactive Art

On October 2nd at 1pm AEST at this YouTube page I will be giving a presentation on the untapped humanity-evolving potential of the interactive artform, also known as games.

As the only medium that fundamentally requires *you* — your constant and active input as the player — for it to be what it is (unlike films/music which play themselves) games have an unrivalled intimacy with their intended new breed of audience:

The ‘consumer-creator’ — the player.

Gaming’s profound capacity for deepening empathy and catalysing meaningful and lasting change across all spheres of the human experience (particularly in young minds, where lifelong traits are being shaped at all times) has completely defined my contributions to art (patterns) media (podcasts) and storytelling (parables).

In games, you *are* the art — the character’s choices are yours. *You* are telling the story, living in another’s shoes, creating a powerful connection through which lessons can be imparted more deeply than if they were experienced passively.

This concept revolutionises our long-held notions of the ‘consumer’ and ‘creator’ as separate entities, paving the way to unimaginable new horizons of truly paradigm shifting art.

However, this potential remains dormant, as the recreation/distraction/competition elements of gaming’s infancy (of ‘play’) continue to dominate the world’s highest-earning entertainment platform, creating a landscape of extremes: Fortnite’s existing alongside The Last of Us: Part IIs.

Join me as I discuss where we are in interactive art’s journey, how we got here, what we’re doing, and where we can go from here:

Will humanity’s frontier creative space be defined by tremendous growth, stultifying sameness, or outright regression back into time-passing child’s play?

It’s future is yours to decide.

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW) and Quantumyth present:

Patterns, Podcasts and Parables: Evolving Humanity Through Interactive Art