Podcast Update

Hey everyone, I hope this finds you all well.

As stated in my now-updated About section,

My main podcast - Albert Chessa Podcast (ACP for short) - is a chronicle of every single podcast I have ever recorded - all topics, all guests, everything in one place.

For those who are only interested in hearing me/my cohosts discuss a particular subject,

I have grouped certain episodes by topic into their own dedicated feeds. Here's a list:


The Albert Chessa Podcast - All Episodes.

The Quantumyth - All Stories.

The Elucidarium - All Conversations.


Adult Swim - 1 Episode so far.

Avatar - Premieres in December 2020 (Avatar II)

Barsoom - Premieres in February 2022 (A Princess of Mars)

Batman - 1 Episode so far.

Beyond Good And Evil - Premieres July 2020 (Ubisoft Forward)

Bioshock - 1 Episode so far.

Carnival Row - Premieres July 2020 (SDCC @ Home)

Cyberpunk - Premieres September 2020 (Release)

Devil May Cry - 1 Episode so far.

Disney - Premieres July 2020 (Mulan)

Dragon Age - Premieres November 2021 (Release Date Trailer).

Dune - Premieres December 2020 (Release).

Elder Scrolls - Premieres November 2021 (Skyrim 10 Year Anniversary).

Final Fantasy - 2 Episodes so far.

Fumito Ueda - 10 Episodes so far.

Ghibli - Premieres in July 2020 (Princess Mononoke 13th Anniversary).

Ghostbusters - Premieres March 2021 (Afterlife Premiere).

God Of War - 12 Episodes so far.

Hellblade - Premieres July 2020 (Xbox July 2020 Event).

Horizon - 2 Episodes so far.

Jurassic - Premieres March 2020 (Lead-up to Dominion's release in June 2021).

Kojima - 70 Episodes so far (resumes in November 2021).

Legacy Of Kain - Premieres November 2021 (Series 25th Anniversary).

Mad Max - Premieres April 2021 (Series 42nd Anniversary).

Mastodon - 1 Episode so far (resumes upon the release of Album 8).

Matrix - Premieres January 2022 (lead up to The Matrix 4's release).

Middle-Earth - Premieres July 2021 (Debut LOTR On Prime Teaser at SDCC 2021).

Miyazaki - 5 Episodes so far (resumes upon new Elden Ring information being released).

MonsterVerse - Premieres May 21, 2021 (release of Godzilla Vs. Kong)

Narnia - Premieres July 2021 (Debut Narnia On Netflix Teaser at SDCC 2021).

Oddworld - 1 Episode so far.

The Last Of Us - 6 Episodes so far.

The Order - Premieres June 2020 (Special Guest: Steve West)

Pacific Rim - 5 Episodes so far.

Star Wars - 4 Episodes so far.

Starfield - Premieres June 2021 (Starfield Debut Trailer).

Stranger Things -Premieres February 2021 (lead up to Season 4).

Warhammer - Premieres January 2023 (40th Anniversary).

Witcher - Premieres January 2021 (35th Anniversary).

Wizarding World - Premieres July 2020 (RPG Trailer Premiere).

Zelda - Premieres June 2021 (Zelda 20 Full Trailer).

All shows with at least one episode will be appearing on Apple and other podcast services in the coming weeks.

If you want to keep up-to-date on the progress of this dissemination process,

Bookmark this post, as I will be updating it regularly.

Podcast Art below (more added over time):