Rey Is The Force (Finally) Getting It Right (After Three Failed Attempts)

The Skywalker Saga is the story of the Force attempting to balance itself.

The Force’s first attempt to bring this balance was Anakin.

It’s second attempt was Luke. He succeeded, but only partially, not permanently -

the second prototype if you will.

At this point, The Force decided it would try something else - it created two, Rey and Ben.

Ben was the Force saying 'third time's a charm', seeing if the older, first solution - the Skywalker experiment - would shed its darkness by the third iteration. The Force was wrong.

Sadly, Ben also fell to darkness, and then something even worse - a limbo between dark and light,

from which Rey -the Force’s, and indeed the galaxy’s, truly final hope - helped to free him from.

With Rey’s help, he chose the light.

Rey was the most experimental, deriving from the heart of the Dark side itself, Palpatine.

The fourth attempt of the Force, born not long after Ben,

she was The Force's most risk-taking (and yet the most natural next step) attempt to bring itself into balance.

By going into itself, to the site of the wound, diving within (just as Rey dove into the maw of darkness on Ach-To), and extracting the pure, distilled feminine power of the darkness-before-light, Void (represented by the feminine).

In psychoanalysis, and indeed in any medical process where the aim is to heal a wound (physical or mental), the wisest and best practitioners will always say that the solution must come from the site of the wound itself - repressed memories must be confronted, just as all the drugs in the world won't help a cancer recoverer if they themselves don't bring themselves into a deep, personal accord with their healing process, and 'get on their own side', and getting out of its own way.

Rey is the Force getting on its own side, and getting out of its own way, after 40 years.

That is why she is so clear in her intent, so focused in her mission (and no, it has nothing to do with lazy writing or Mary Sue nonsense - she's just clear).

and because The Force - as my fiancee, who is a relationship/personal/business mentor says - did the work,

by going to where the pain was, and not seeking an external solution -

as represented by the masculine (the phallic drug syringe plunging inwards from the outside of the problem, probing in but never fully able to get to the root of the core, where the dysfunctional/cancerous masculine is infecting the purity of feminine darkness) -

The truth shone the way to the Galaxy‘s salvation.

Rey is the truth of the force Incarnate.

Awareness is inherently feminine.

And she in her divine aspect awoke Ben's divine aspect, bringing him out of darkness,

To a place where he was able to benignly aid her, even giving his own life to her,

so that she may survive. Thanks to her, he went from having a limited,

Tunnel-view perspective (consistent with the dysfunctional, mono-minded phallic tunnel thinking) of the galaxy,

To realising that at a core level, the brave feminine is there to be honoured and upheld, and that a knight who is true - who is neither supplicant nor tyrant to the feminine - will find his purpose in carrying out her divine will, and aiding her in her quest of holding the universe together (as all women do).