Symbolcraft directly channels the proto-formative energies of The Great Silence, ‘the void beyond void’, into tangible, shapeable form.

Runes, being symbols grown from a time that is chronologically closer to the Origin of All, have left us a legacy of profound meaning, power and magic, and by tapping into them we cast ourselves into new states of being.

The dual meaning of ‘cast’,

to throw something out into the world,

as well as to become/be forged into a new version of yourself, is intentional in this context:

By casting a runespell, you’re sending a message of intent to the swirling everscape of chance, coincidence and happenstance and *thrommm*, inserting a clear, defined message into the tumult.

The universe takes notice of this, and addresses those who speak using its language-before-language with *the* most important wisdom possible:

That which is self-divined, as channeled from truths older that truth itself.

The Scandinavian ancestors, as well as my pagan, Germanic ones, both lived in deference to these timeless truths, and what they learned saw them both through dark times, as well as enhancing the joyful ones.

Beyond thought, sentence or words, there are symbols:

kindred to, and directly channeled from, ever-churning eternity. Existing nearer to that godly ever-silence than any contemporary, complex language.

Their simple, distilled shapes are so easily carved and remembered as to transcend/endure time’s ravages, and their continued presence in our lives and cultures to this day is a testament to this.

If only for that fact alone, an engagement with them will bring you great psychological, physical, existential, spiritual and emotional benefits.

I highly recommend diving headlong into the realm/field of symbols and shamanic divination practices of all cultures,

Both learning from others (the past), and by evolving the craft (creating the future) - taking up your own, idiosyncratic practice (I’m only a decade or so into mine), and there’s no better place to start than with the Elder Futhark runes.