Sisters, From Strength To Strength, Together And Apart: Prince Rama’s Shadow Temple 10th Anniversary

This was my first Rama record.

Discovered ‘Raghupati’ while YouTube-hopping (likely in a ‘recommended videos’ column on an Animal Collective music video, considering they were Paw Tracks label mates at the time and how it was Avey from AC who discovered PR).

Fully immersed into it for the first time in Scullin,



in late 2010.

It was the day that I decided I’d never drink again after my Army accident (I wasn’t an alcoholic or anything, I just decided ‘enough’ to that substance in particular) —

I’d left PR’s MySpace page on in my room,

and when I Introvert-tastically retreated away from my friends who were drinking Grey Goose vodka,

I saw the beanbag next to my iMac, and I let Shadow Temple wrap me up like a blanket of comfort.

Purchased the record multiple times over the years (once handed my copy out to someone to help the good sound of PR spread forth),

Listened to it countless times,

Especially during road trips (now replaced by Taraka’s latest tunes),

And both sisters (whom I’m now honoured to call kindred friends) have only gone from strength to strength in their combined and individual endeavours.

This album defies any description, in its capacity to stretch beyond infinity. Any attempt to fit mere words around its endlessly burgeoning, expanding and deepening magnificence is completely impossible. Experience it yourself, and you shall see.

Love and good vibes to you all,

And may you all make your Shadows your Temples,

To know yourselves all the closer and better.