Solo With New Eyes

The origin of Han’s wing-it attitude.

the origin of Han’s perpendicular narrow-path-clearing flip.

like his blaster, his very nature is improvised, more power in an unexpected form with great risk.

Living with a price on his head.

His being drawn to English accents from Qi’ra explains the path to Leia (who then absorbed Han’s accent, empathetically, after their first adventure together),

and reconnecting at the heart of the falcon.

You’re in this life for good. Han helps Beckett because he feels for him after losing Val.p

his theme, this pulsing increasing swell,

like a creature about to take flight.

The audio of ‘trust me‘ to Chewie,

a great origin meeting too.

It makes you pang later whenever you see him binds, you want to see him free.

Vos great villain, eat a lot, drink a little and talk privately.

made In a vacuum of positivity which it deserves to be viewed in.

how about that, Is that real trouble?

snappy and real Dialogue - Kasdan wrote this decades ago it feels.

Ventral - small nod to TLJ.

i remember the excitement of seeing the trailer and spotting Lando’s shorter (still growing) cape. So rad! all adds up to having the magic of rewatch-ability.

and Beckett who himself was abandoned feels compassion but also manipulation in saving them both.

you have a habit of sticking nose where it doesn’t belong, with Skywalkers but it really helped.

it’s not an impression. it’s Han. Just Younger.

back to Corellia, back to Jakku - he feels for Finn.

I had a flood of gratitude for this film.

The”all right” from the start,

it’s like the “it’s all right pal” from Jedi.

a far better film than TLJ that suffered because of the latter’s identity-less-ness.

We’re being killed by jadedness.

This is awesome!

The swell of the Williams written theme!

and Lando, the sadness that he’s slipped away so often but by ESB they’ve finally got him.

sab-Ahc, Sab-Aacc, love it.

Smooth and adventurous, L3 his great love, representing his love for the most exotic, and the most intelligent and unexpected - a robot companion.

L3 - equal rights, they don’t even serve our kind, giving voice to that from A New Hope.

and she choosing to free both droids and bios all the same.

a story that deserved to exist.

That subversion, of being such a grounded guy that finds comfort in technology (Bespin and lobot), the saucer shapes of his fallen love.

Landonis, his full name, known to her.

Indiana Jones in space, with a more gangster-y street-wise feel.

a Wonderfully unfurled and fun film.

and no it’s not an origin of all, things are in play already like Han’s Shrywook.

this film is alive, wholly grown naturally, where many others feel assembled in some aspects.